Adanac Valve Specialities Ltd

Adanac Valve Specialities Ltd supply customised valves for special applications such as LNG & Oxygen with lead times measured in days rather than the normally expected many weeks.

The direct supply of standard or modified equipment and the conversion or modification of clients own free issued material can be arranged and executed with the minimum of delay or disruption to the client.

We will take details of specific requirements, source a suitable valve and arrange all necessary modifications in order to supply a unique piece of equipment. This is a service which many volume manufacturers are unable to provide for ¿one off¿ situations due to production constraints.

All forms of Valve Modification can be undertaken, including:

¿ Adaptation or supply of Cryogenic valves of all types

¿ Fabrication and fitting of Heating Jackets to all types of carbon and stainless steel valves and related equipment such as strainers and flow meters.

¿ Preparation and testing ( in-house ) of valves for specified Low Temperature Cryogenic Service, typically to Shell and BS 6364 requirements.

Adanac is certified for compliance with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. Certificate number CE 56828.

Adanac Valve Specialities Ltd Overview