Adapted Car Hire


Adapted Car Hire provides a broad range of specially adapted vehicles to cater for the needs of disabled drivers and passengers. Vehicles can be hired on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and we provide a door-to-door delivery and collection service. 

Disabled Drivers

We categorise our vehicles based on size, and all of our vehicles are available with Push Pull Hand Controls and Left Foot Accelerators. The vehicles are all fully automatic and can also be used in the conventional way. All of our vehicles come with a Radar Key which provides access to some 7,000 locked public toilets across the country.

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

We provide...

Cars with Push/Pull hand controls
Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAV)
Cars with left foot accelerators
Automatic and Manual vehicles
Online and telephone bookings
A nationwide door-to-door delivery and collection service
Comprehensive Insurance
Reasonable rates
Unlimited mileage 

Adapted Car Hire

All vehicles from Adapted Car Hire, as the name suggests, come with some form of adaptation to either assist the driver or the passenger. Below is a guide to all the adaptations that we currently offer on our vehicles. We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have with regards additional adaptations that you feel may be of benefit. Why not view our adaptations in action on our YouTube Channel.

Disabled Vehicle Ramps

Disabled Vehicle Ramps

Our 'Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles' are specially designed to accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair , and up to four able bodied passengers. They come fitted with the following adaptations:

•Four point wheelchair securing system
•Lightweight ramp
•Lap and diagonal passenger belt for wheelchair user
•Lowered floor and/or lowering suspension for extra headroom and easier access

Optional features include:

•Removable rear seat
•Manual or automatic transmission
•A powered winch to assist entry
•Swivel front seat to allow easy entry and exit

All of our vehicles in this category come with a Radar Key which provides access to some 7,000 locked public toilets around the country.

Disabled Vehicle Hand Controls

Disabled Vehicle Hand Controls

A push/pull hand control is a simple single combined lever, mounted on the right side of the steering wheel. It is pushed forwards to apply the brake and is pulled backwards to apply the accelerator. It has an integrated indicator switch mounted on the top.

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