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The Adaptsys Group specialise in equipment used in the electronics manufacturing industry; namely device programming systems, tape and reeling equipment and services associated - including carrier tape production and distribution of various ESD consumables.

With offices in the UK and other territories around Europe, Adaptsys offer local sales, service and support to all its customers.

Device programming solutions including out of circuit programming, in-system programming and on-line programming are all offered through Adaptsys' principled product lines, these include BPM Microsystems and SMH Technologies.

Adaptsys Tape and Reeling equipment portfolio includes manual as well as fully automated taping systems offering solutions for all volume and mix requirements. Also available are Component/Parts counters, Peel Force Testers and Tape Splicer’s.

Adaptsys has also recently introduced a carrier tape production service within the UK, providing fast delivery on low and high volume carrier tapes for electronic, medical and electro-mechanical parts.

Device Programming

BPM automated production systems are a virtual industry standard for automated fine-pitch programming systems and are used by the leading OEMs, contract manufacturers, programming centres, and electronic distributors internationally.

Multi-Site Concurrent

The Concurrent Programming System® is a proprietary technology that offers faster, cleaner, more efficient programming. Unlike gang programmers, the Concurrent Programming System uses a fault-tolerant, bus architecture that allows each site to operate independently. Should one site fail, the system's architecture allows production to continue on the remaining sites.

Single-Site Engineering

Single site programming units were primarily created to assist engineers in developing their designs. Engineers benefit from determining what types of devices need to be utilized early in their design cycle. The engineering programmer range is used either as a tool for design engineering or for low volume production.

Socket Modules

Socket modules are the mechanical and electrical interface between the device and the programmer. The robust design of BPM's socket modules make them an excellent choice for manufacturing and design environments where high signal integrity and reliable performance are critical.

Tape and Reel Equipment

Manual Taping Machines are the next step in the natural progression of V-TEK's lineof automatic packaging equipment. Tube fed SOICs, SOJs and PLCCs are handled with ease with the proficiently designed nest shuttle mechanism.

Auto Taping

For bowl and Tube Fed Parts. When your taping needs require the flexibility of a four head system or a test system, V-TEK's  automatic taping machine may be just the machine you are looking for.

In System Programming

SofTec Microsystems - Flashrunner Series of ISP Programmers

  • Series 1 - Universal, Standalone In-System Programmers Universal and Fully Upgradable
  • Series 2 - Manufacturer-Specific In-System Programmers Includes all Programming Algorithms available for a Chosen Silicon Manufacturer
  • Series 3 - Device-Specific In-System Programmers Supports a Device Subfamily of your Choice
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