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At Adelaide Engineering, we are specialists in heavy CNC milling and machining with a wealth of experience and knowledge. We are able to undertake many CNC milling capabilities from one/off projects to large and heavy production runs.

CNC Milling Capability

Our CNC milling capability includes many varieties of milling with several varieties of materials such as inconel and titanium.

Our CNC milling capability includes the following:

  • Heavy CNC Gantry Mill
  • Long Bed CNC Elgamills
  • CNC 5 axis Noble and Lund Gantry
  • 2 of CNC Elgamills (capacity 10m & 6m)
  • 5 of CNC Horizontal Jig Borers
  • Contour Milling
  • Z Level Milling
  • Spiral Milling
  • CNC Plano Mill
  • Threadmilling

CNC Machining

We have specialist expertise in large and heavy machining having invested in the latest CNC machining equipment in our workshops. Our highly skilled workforce is dedicated to consistently maintain high standard CNC machining services.

CNC Turning

Our team of experienced engineers can assist or advise you with any aspect regarding CNC turning. We have an extensive range of CNC turning capacities enabling us to manufacture high quality components in materials such as steel and aluminium.

CNC Horizontal Jig Boring

At Adelaide Engineering, we are experienced working with extensive heavy and large CNC horizontal jig boring capacities. We have the confidence and knowledge to undertake CNC horizontal jig boring work for very large product sizes and large production runs.

CNC Large and Heavy Vertical Boring

We pride ourselves with our extensive CNC large and heavy vertical boring capacity and the ability to undertake large product sizes and production runs.

Within our CNC large and heavy vertical boring capacity we include:

  • 3 vertical borers
  • 60”  diameter Webster Bennett vertical borer
  • 72”  diameter Webster Bennett vertical borer
  • 10 foot vertical borer

CNC Heavy Vertical Boring

We have an excellent CNC heavy vertical boring range including the very large product sizes and one/off projects.

Our 3 vertical borers vary in size and design to bring you a varied and exclusive CNC heavy vertical boring service.

Large and Heavy Machined Fabrications

Large and heavy machined fabrications are part of our services to different companies manufacturing a range of industry sectors. Our large and heavy machined fabrication services will offer your company the ultimate solution to heavy metal engineering and fabrication.

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