Aden Electronics Ltd.

Aden Electronics are designers and manufacturers of electromagnetic components and remote control systems, for industries like:

  • Avionics
  • Military
  • Communications
  • Marine
  • Medical Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Sub-sea
  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Steel
  • Aerospace
  • Logging
  • Shipping Power Generation
  • Television

Electromagnetic Transformers - Our Unlimited Range - Our engineers design and manufacture any component requirement you have - from cage wiring, wire wrapping, PCB to general electronic assembly.

Remote Controls -Design and Manufacture - experienced in the development and application of remote controls. Our microprocessor-controlled remote control systems are used across a wide variety of industries and applications, where a secure transmission of command or communication is required.

Aden Electronics can supply all types of infra-TECH, Crane Chief, Saga and Teleradio remote controls and can source or manufacture any type of RC system for you

Advice and Repair - we offer the best in technical advice on the use of any industrial remote control.

Aden Electronics Ltd. Overview