Adform Group S.A.

Adfrom Group is a company which specialize in design and manufacuring POS materials. We produce permanent and semi-permanent displays and stands from many kinds of raw materials (wood, metal, cardboard various kinds of plastics and acrylic mateirals). 
Also we manufacture accessories for POS materials like price strips, wobblers, shelfstoppers, shelftrays and many more. 
We have experience in many POS industry areas, eg. beauty, tobbacco, alcohol, electronics, pharmacy, food ect.

We also have wide portofio of clients of which we are very proud. They include: Phillip Morris (Poland), Sony and Samsung (Poland), Karcher (Germany), Glam's (France), Wrigley (France), Mars (France and Poland), Play (Poland) and many more. 

We hope that you will like our profile and that it will encourage you to know Adform Group better. 

In case of any qestion you can contact with us directly by mail: (Kinga Augustyn - New Business Specialist) I will be happy to answer all your questions!

Adform Group S.A. Overview