ADI Trading Ltd

ADI Trading or ADIT was established in 2000,  to market high quality crystal glass, bone china, porcelain and metal flatware brands to the UK Hotel, Catering and Retail trades.   ADIT has a strategic commitment to select and build the best brands for quality and durability - achieved through market leading technology and design. It is our policy to make all products within our brands available in the UK. We also provide training, advice and support to our customers - who include most of the leading hotels in the United Kingdom.

Quality Wine Glasses

ADI Trading (ADIT) market the very best quality crystal glass from Schott Zwiesel and Zwiesel 1872. Our  quality wine glasses are used by top wine competitions like the International Wine Challenge, SFC Wine Competition and Concours Mondial World's Best Sommelier competition. They are also used by the German Wine & Sommelier School, the Austrian Sommeliers Association and the Spanish Sommeliers Association.  We also market bone china, porcelain and cutlery to the UK hotel, catering and retail trades.

We select the best brands; ensure their products are fully available;  provide training, support and advice to all of our customers, who include most of the UK's leading hotels.

Schott Zwiesel Crystal Glass

ADIT are the exclusive representatives for Schott Zwiesel crystal glass ; and the gourmet brand Zwiesel 1872 in the UK.

Schott Zwiesel crystal glass is the global market leader for the supply of high quality crystal glass into the world's top hotels and restaurants. Our customers demand the finest quality, which is why Schott Zwiesel and Zwiesel 1872 lead in crystal glass technology. Our patented Tritan crystal immediately set the benchmarks for durability and brilliance when it was first released in 2002. It has retained its leadership ever since and in 2012 raised the bar again with the release of Tritan Protect - which doubles the strength of the stem. ADIT are proud to market the Schott Zwiesel and Zwiesel 1872 brands. We provide full access to both brands entire ranges  of wine glasses, bar glasses, decanters, serving plates, bowls, candle holders and carafes.

Tritan Crystal

Schott Zwiesel's tritan crystal has been the industry benchmark for durability, brilliance and clarity in crystal glass since 2002. All Schott Zwiesel barware and stemware is produced in tritan crystal. Schott Zwiesel's tritan crystal  is LGA certified  to cope with over 3000 dishwasher cycles with no loss of lustre or brilliance. It is completely lead and barium free - to enhance durability and to protect our environment.

" Schott Zwiesel stemware is used in my restaurants because I demand the best. Its exceptional beauty and durability are unmatched." Robert Wiedmeier. Owner, Brasserie Beck, Washington DC

Zwiesel 1872

 Zwiesel 1872 melds the  the latest crystal glass technology with the finest traditional arts of hand crafted, mouth-blown crystal glass.

Zwiesel stemware, in tritan crystal, provides uniquely beautiful, light and durable wine glasses. Our crystal is absolutely lead and barium free, ensuring the safety of our environment. The glass of choice for Enrico Bernardo, voted the World's Best Sommelier in 2004.

To ensure beauty and strength, our decanters are made with lead free crystal. On our vases and candle holders, Zwiesel 1872  uses the latest colouring techniques to give depth of colour, style and quality.

Wine Tasting

The Schott Zwiesel collection has a variety of stunning designs to specifically enhance your appreciation of wine. 

  • Fine is designed to accentuate aromas
  • Pure is a stunning modern sommelier range
  • Vina has been selected for tasting by Concours Mondial and the SFC Wine Competition

Schott Zwiesel is the glass of choice for the German Wine and Sommelier School, The Austrian Sommelier Society, VDP, Die Praedikatsweingueter, and the International Wine Challenge.

The International Wine Challenge use our Sensus universal wine tasting glass and Schott Zwiesel also manufacture the official port tasting glass.

Bone China and Porcelain for Catering

Fortessa is part of the Zwiesel family of companies. Fortessa bone china and porcelain for catering is durable and designed elegantly.  Fortessa is an innovative brand, whilst constantly releasing new materials and designs.

The Accentz and Tableware product range include vitrified china products that are colour coded to bone china. This ensures affordable variety for hotels and restaurants.

Fortessa metalware is manufactured in 18-10 stainless steel and is ideal for its weight, quality and attention. It is also available in silver plate. It is renowned for its weight, quality and attention to detail.

Arzberg Designer Porcelain

Arzberg has close association to the Bauhaus design movement. It is  well regarded for its skill in producing modern designs that have a timeless appeal.

Arzberg is also highly skilled in the use of colours and our range includes the beautiful and classic Form 2000, the extensive TRIC and the innovative Form 2006 where the square and circle are combined.

Jenear heat resistant glass

Borosilicate glass was invented by Dr Otto Schott at the close of the 19th Century. Borosilicate glass has fantastice heat resistant qualities up to 450 degrees C. and the  glass can resist cold to -35 degrees C.

Jenaer Glass is a design led company that provides glass teapots, cups, bowls and plates as well as innovative caffetieres and jugs that resist thermal shock and feather light to handle. 

Our Wagenfeld Collection is a design bauhaus classic featured in the New York Museum of Modern Art and the London Design Museum.


Bauscher was founded in 1881 and was the market leader in choosing to specialise in producing ranges for the hotel and catering industries only. Today Bauscher is a trusted brand with the World's top hotels and has a reputation for breadth of range, design, durability and quality. Adit provide access to the full range of Bauscher products for the Hotel &  Gastronomy industries and the Hospital Care Industry.

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