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We are famous and world renowned for our industry-leading range of mobile LED screen options. The iCONIC family offers customers an unrivaled choice of screens catering for audience sizes ranging from of 50 to 50,000.

All iCONIC screens are packed with innovative features. Choose the world’s largest big screen truck, the iCONIC 100 with a gigantic 100m² screen or even the iCONIC 15, the world’s only double-sided mobile LED screen to give a near 360º viewing angle. It even comes with built-in PA system!

Digital Signage

Our eclectic variety of services not only cater for the events market, we also offer a huge LED screen range and digital signage products for installation and advertising.

These include not only the LED hardware for digital signage, but also advanced content delivery systems to enable reliable and precise control of your signage.

Event Big Screens

As the UKs market leading and most famed supplier of event big screens, we operate what is comfortably the country’s widest and largest selection of mobile LED screens. With sizes ranging from 12 to 100m², you can be sure we have an event big screen to suit your size and budget.

Our incredible screens and renowned customer service ensure we work with some of the world’s leading brands and events and hundreds of smaller events every year.

Event Broadcasting

You will not find a more comprehensive and professional service elsewhere. We do not just supply LED screens, we are able to provide full event broadcasting solutions, giving you everything you need to create and broadcast content onto the big screen. Our event broadcasting solutions include the supply of cameras and operators, to film and mix live content throughout your event. We also offer a full pre-production service enabling us to create a branded broadcast experience for your event.

All iCONIC screens come with on-board production facilities enabling us to mix multiple sources including camera, DVD, PC and VT content without the need for the expense of a separate outside broadcast vehicle.

Outdoor Screens

We supply the widest selection of outdoor screens to suit every possible requirement, no matter how large or small your event may be.

All of our outdoor screens are fully waterproof and incredibly bright. They provide an exceptional viewing experience whatever the weather, be it bright sunlight or pouring rain!

Event Branding

As sponsorship is an integral role in the modern events market, we supply a wide variety of big screen advertising and event branding opportunities for our screens.

Our larger iCONIC screens suitable for event branding, feature software to carry dynamic banner branding on-screen around the main content, modifiable throughout your event. We also offer full static banner branding on all of our screens, making maximum use of the available promotional space.

Big Event Screens

Our big event screens are relied upon for some of the world’s most recognisable events including The Flora London Marathon, Royal Ascot and The Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix.

As well as big event screens, we also supply event screens to hundreds of smaller events each year. Our wide range of screen options means there is an iCONIC Mobile LED screen to suit any event size or budget.

iCONIC Mobile LED Screens

We supply diverse and extensive options in iCONIC mobile LED screens. These iCONIC mobile LED screens are used throughout the world and boast the delivery of a truly breathtaking audience experience.

Models include:

  • iCONIC 100 mobile LED screen - the world's largest mobile LED screen
  • iCONIC 60 mobile LED screen - with a fully featured production suite
  • iCONIC 40 mobile LED screen - perfect for limited space requirements
  • iCONIC 12 mobile LED screen - on-board generator and a fully featured production suite

iFLY 25 Mobile LED Screen

We are proud suppliers of the world’s most flexible outdoor screen. The iFLY 25 mobile LED screen is like no other screen you’ve seen before.

The iFLY 25 mobile LED screen is built around a telescoping mast and has a similar operating reach to that of a crane, meaning full flexibility of movement over three axis and the ability to go up to 13m in height. The iFLY 25 allows you to position your LED screen exactly where you want it.

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