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Our harmonic mitigating transformers offer cancellation of load bourn triplen harmonics within their secondary windings.

Our harmonic mitigating transformers are available in a range of K Factor capacities but their ability to cancel triplen harmonics means that there is no risk of these harmonics setting up a circulating current in the primary winding as can be the Achilles Heal of delta star transformers. Where the reduction of 5th and 7th harmonics typical of six pulse loads, or higher order characteristic harmonics is required, then a system wide approach can be offered using a number of different configurations.

We are able to offer a wide range of custom made products.

Single Phase Transformers

We are specialist designers and manufacturers of custom built products including chokes, inductors, rectifier equipment, standby power equipment and power transformers such as single phase transformers.

Single phase transformers include:

  • Single or double section bobbins
  • Screen standard on single section double wound types
  • Optional sheet steel enclosures
Single Phase Transformers

Three Phase Transformers

As well as single phase transformers, we also design and manufacture three phase transformers. The smaller three phase transformers employ quality proprietary parts from renowned well established suppliers to the transformer manufacturing industry. Larger three phase transformers employ a higher percentage of quality parts produced in-house from basic materials. In particular we produce our own laminations from rolled grain oriented silicon steel.

Three phase transformers:

  • Double wound or auto construction
  • Screen standard on double wound
  • Low loss cores
  • Varnish impregnated
  • Optional sheet metal enclosures
Three Phase Transformers

PDU Transformers

We produce PDU transformers. With our PDU transformers, Delta/Interconnected Star connection prevents load triplen harmonics from appearing in the supply. We are experienced and renowned designers and manufacturers of a vast PDU transformer range. Our PDU transformer products/components are manufactured to the highest quality and are acquirable custom built, to any specification.

We produce PDU transformers with various ratings of K factor, screening arrangements, voltages, and vector group connections.

Features of PDU transformers:

  • Zero phase shift
  • Low impedance
  • Dual neutral terminals
  • Multi-Faraday screening
  • Low loss cores
  • Dual thermistors in each winding
PDU Transformers

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