Admico Gratings Ltd

Specialists in gratings for more than 50 years,

We supply all sorts and sizes of steel gratings and stair treads for a whole variety of applications as well as the professional surface treatments of steel products. The quality products and service-oriented approach of Thielco Staalindustrie, with over 50 years' innovation, know-how and expertise in steel, position us well at the forefront in this field. Thielco Staalindustrie is ISO 9002 certified. We would therefore like to present ourselves as a reliable supplier, with whom you can develop a partnership.

Thielco has become renowned for the production of quality gratings and stair treads for a wide range of applications. For hot-dip, centrifugal hot-dip and mechanical galvanizing many know that we're the people to contact.

There is an increasing demand for environment-friendly and long-standing solutions against rust formation (in high-quality building). The demand for steel products and constructions in a variety of colours is increasing. We use KLEURZINK® powder coatings to meet this increasing demand. We apply this form of surface treatment to our own products and increasingly for third parties. With the increasing attention on safety in the home and the working environment, Thielco's innovative solutions are the options to choose!

We carry out all galvanizing and coating in our own premises. Our project management team is always at hand to give advice aimed specifically at your situation. That's why at Thielco everything is under one roof; providing a clear single contact point for all your questions. And you can be assured that we are only satisfied once you are!

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