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At Adpak Machinery Systems, we are recognised as one of the leaders in packaging technology including shrink wrap machines. With over 20 years experience, we have found solutions for some of the most difficult of packaging problems. We specialise in installing shrink wrap machines building a highly respected reputation in the industry for our innovative systems.


At Adpak we supply systems for palletisation. Our systems can be either robotic or conventional systems customised to your specifications. Our palletisation systems are by Italproject and Europack, both highly renowned in the market for their expertise.

Chamber Machines

The compact range of Adpak Chamber machines are designed for use in applications where space is at a premium and single operator usage is required. These highly versatile shrink-wrapping units provide the ideal solution for the packaging of a wide variety of products in shrink film to a very high quality. We stock several machines with differing features and specifications. 


  • Compact in design
  • Suitable for tall and irregular shaped products
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimum heat absorption
  • Ready for use
  • Can be used for bagging only
  • Average output 500 packs per hour
  • Onsite demonstrations
  • Most models in stock
  • Water cooled sealing
  • Automatic systems available
  • Easy to operate
  • Six product programmes
  • Complete with manual and spares
  • Simple to self install
  • Suitable for use with PVC, Polypropylene, Polyolefin and Polythene

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Our sleevewrapping systems are simple to operate. They are ergonomically designed and robust in construction. Coming with numerous beneficial features, we can supply sleevewrappers in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic ranges.

Horizontal Form, Fill and Seal

We hold the flexible and reliable BVM range of horizontal form, fill and seal machines suitable for high speed bagging operations. Using the latest modern technology the horizontal form, fill and seal machines provide an ideal packaging solution with the following benefits:

  • Fast, flexible and versatile
  • Easy setup
  • Easy to operate
  • Ready for use

Pallet Stretchwrappers

Pallet stretchwrappers are perfect for wrapping low to medium volume pallet quantities in an automatic process. The heavy duty operation our pallet stretchwrappers are constructed for enhance their performance for a full market span of pallet loads.

Palletisers and Depalletisers

Our palletisers and depalletisers come with many practical advantages including full layer gripping or deposits depending on your specifications. Fast and reliable and easy to operate our full range of palletisers and depalletisers are fully listed on our website.

Strapping Systems

Providing a reliable solution for various load types and sizes, our stock of strapping systems have a diverse feature range to meet a multitude of requirements. Our various models of strapping systems come with many optional features to enhance their performance capabilities. Visit our website for a full feature list.

Tray Loading Systems

Tray loading systems are easily integrated into the end of line packaging systems. They come in many formats including tray erectors, case erectors and lid applicators. Our range of Avercon tray loading systems each have beneficial features all designed and built in-house.

Banding Machinery

Our banding machinery is equipped with two film roll carriers suitable for banding with polyethylene film on palletised loads.

Features of our banding machinery includes:

  • Standard machine is composed of two film roll carrier assemblies
  • Vertical sealing bar unit, which slides on upper linear guides
  • Film unwinding assembly complete with stretching roller by electromagnetic brake adjustable by control panel
  • Sealing bar for cutting and sealing the film complete with teflon coated inserts
  • Temperature adjustable by control panel
  • Electric control panel with PLC, visual display fault signal, manual operations and cycle times setting

Machine Hire

We can supply many high quality packaging machinery as part of our machine hire service. Sealer units, pallet stretchwrappers and chamber machines are all included in our machine hire service:

  • Delivery and installation is charged and should be paid with the first month's rental
  • Other models available

Services and Spares

We boast a full services and spares back up system where we will provide essential support after you purchase. Should you need our expertise to deal with requirements quickly and efficiently, our services and spares back-up system ensures you have access to full technical support.

Shrink Film

We are specialists in shrink film providing many packaging solutions centred around high quality packaging films. Our close relationship with world class film manufacturing companies defines our commitment to supplying our customers with high quality assortments of shrink film.

Shrink Sleeve Applicators

We can offer two models of high performing shrink sleeve applicator units each applying full body sleeve labels at up to speeds of 200 containers per minute. Our robust and reliable shrink sleeve applicator units are adaptable to work with many industrial products.

Overwrapping Machinery

The overwrapping machinery we supply by V2 Engineering comes with a wide span of performance enhancing features. The Econowrap overwrappinbg machinery model boasts compact dimensions and adaptable capabilities suitable for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and tea industries.

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