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Confort Cabinet Heaters Evolve

Confort Cabinet Heaters Evolve

Introducing to the market, Broughton's new FireFlo FFHT32 industrial ductable fan heater. This heater is capable of ducting up to 10m and delivering high volume airflows with a temperature lift of 75°C. Built to withstand the knocks of day to day site use, the FFHT32 is ideal for use in factories, spot heating applications, and events.

With a high temperature lift the FFHT32 is ideal for pre-heating of raw materials before handling and use in production processes. In these type of operations it is perfect for delivering and circulating warm air between and around the containers of the raw materials, eliminating the need for heating belts and the associated wires trailing around the room and less work on handling the drums. In addition, production lines and drying tunnels that cure and dry materials (such as paints/adhesives/inks), could benefit. The small, portable, yet durable design allows it to adapt to a wide range of applications making it a versatile heater to enter the market.


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