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Evaporative coolers: a rundown

Evaporative coolers: a rundown

In a nut shell, there is a fan inside the cooler that draws outside air through 4 irrigated pads. The water that evaporates from the pads onto the air passing through the pads, cools the air, and the fan pushes that cooled air into the building to the occupied level. This introduced cooled air displaces warm air which rises an escapes through outlet vents in the roof. For large open type buildings such as factories, bakeries, workshops and foundries, cooling with evaporative coolers is the preferred option because for such large spaces air conditioning is not cost effective. These installed evaporative coolers come in a wide variety of sizes with the largest delivering a massive 63000m3/hr of cool air. Different versions deliver the cold air via either side discharge, top or base discharge. See more:

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