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Air purification, heating, cooling and dehumidification are what Puravent is all about and in the following paragraphs we have summarized some of the ranges that we supply. More than merely equipment suppliers we are problem solvers, helping our clients find the right solutions to heating, cooling, air purification or drying issues.

Have scroll down the listing below to get a flavour of what we do best.

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Greenhouse cooling fans

Greenhouse cooling fans

The King helecentrifugal fan is an excellent solution for ensuring great air movement and cooling in commercial greenhouses. It creates that all important air flow at floor level though the leaves of the plants, which minimises plant losses through foliage rot. When the greenhouse roof vents are open these fans also pull in huge volumes of fresh outside air and exhaust warmer air through open side vents and doorways. In the cooler months, when the vents are closed, the air flow past the glass on the roof picks up the warmth from morning solar gain to spread the heat into the general airspace, lowering heating costs by tripping the thermostat to switch off sooner in the mornings. See more:

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