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Air purification, heating, cooling and dehumidification are what Puravent is all about and in the following paragraphs we have summarized some of the ranges that we supply. More than merely equipment suppliers we are problem solvers, helping our clients find the right solutions to heating, cooling, air purification or drying issues.

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Wall mounted fans

Wall mounted fans

In an industrial or commercial space, the average plastic/ chrome plated 12"Ø fan just won't cut it. 'Large' and 'robust' is the key word you're looking for when finding a solution for your application, such as factories, or large retail or commercial spaces. The Cyclone wall mounted fans come in the sizes 18", 20", 26", and 30" Ø. With an airflow capacity ranging from the smallest Cyclone 45T's output of 84m3/m, to the largest Cyclone 750W's output of 302m3/hm, they are ideal for any general ambient air movement requirement. Each fan comes with a 3 speed speed control setting, and 90° oscillation feature for wider coverage. Speed is controlled by pull cords on the 45T and 50W, and control switch on the 650W and 750W. They are easy to install and are held by a strong, robust wall mounting bracket. See more:

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