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Wall Mounted Monoblock Air Conditioner

Wall Mounted Monoblock Air Conditioner

Little by little, these machines are becoming the cooling solution of choice for single rooms such as hotel rooms, bedrooms, conservatories etc. Being monoblock means that the 'condenser' part of the system is not a separate box placed outside, instead both the condenser and the evaporator are inside the box and the unit is fitted inside the room to an external wall. The only evidence on the outside is a couple of small round louvers on the wall marking the ends of the ducts that come from the unit inside to the external environment.

This range is from Unico and although the range has a number of sizes up to 10500 btu, there is usually a model to suit the vast majority of single room applications. Many of the models available are also heat pumps meaning that as well as being the source of cool air in summer, that they are also the source of remarkably effective and efficient heating in winter. See more:

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