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Air purification, heating, cooling and dehumidification are what Puravent is all about and in the following paragraphs we have summarized some of the ranges that we supply. More than merely equipment suppliers we are problem solvers, helping our clients find the right solutions to heating, cooling, air purification or drying issues.

Have scroll down the listing below to get a flavour of what we do best.

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  1. Oil Mist Recovery

    Oil Mist Recovery

    Puravent are specialists in the selection and supply of electrostatic oil mist recovery systems. Our oil mist eliminators enable capture and recovery of oil mist so that it can be reused. Our preferred products for oil mist recovery are from the Trion range and include Trion Imp38, Trion VOMP600 and Trion mini ME. These units can all be used to recover oil mists and cutting fluids from air streams that vent machine enclosures and large engines, whilst fugitive oil mists and smoke can be effectively captured using the Trion T series air cleaners. For more information about our extensive range of electrostatic oil mist eliminators, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.