Advanced Aluminium

Advanced Aluminium specialist Aluminium Door Manufacturer.

Advanced Aluminium is a trade only fabricator of windows, doors and other fenestration products in aluminium.


Established in 1994, the company services supply only contracts ranging from small orders of one or two products to large commercial projects which can be delivered over several months.


Being a fabricator only, Advanced is totally focussed on the manufacturing process and as such is able to offer a fast and efficient service to its customers.


The company is able to offer all styles of:
  • windows,
  • doors,
  • commercial shop fronts,
  • commercial doors,
  • patios and residential doors
  • sliding and folding products.


In order to increase the scope of product offering and to give our clients a wide range of choice Advanced offers two quality, established systems both offering quality solutions to customer needs.


Advanced is a member of CAB, and is accredited to ISO 9001/2008, 14001 and is a certificated Secured By Design fabricator.

Advanced Aluminium Overview