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Welcome to the Advanced Business Development Network for Manufacturing Buyers in all market sectors

The ABDN provides an wide range of manufacturing services to a worldwide customer base, with a combined annual turnover exceeding £50 Million GBP We offer the complete engineering solution from concept through to final production, including components, packages of work, sub-assemblies or complete products/assemblies.

Our products and services include...

  1. Design & Development - Product/process design, prototyping/modelling, engineering CAD design, engineering consultancy, virtual and rapid prototyping, solid modeling and surface generation, CAD/CADCAM and surface modelling
  2. Assembly - mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and testing, complete products
  3. Presswork/metal forming - stamping 50-100 tonnes, 100-500 tonnes, 500-1,000 tonnes, progression/transfer, CNC bending, Turret pressing, deep drawing, spinning/rolling, tube manipulation, high speed Bruderer, flame cutting
  4. Casting/Forging - sand, pressure/gravity die, investment, disa type, drop forge, upset forge, cold heading, extrusion and sintering
  5. Metal fabrication & Assembly - welding/gas/Mig/Tig, soldering/brazing, laser/plasma/gas cutting, flame cutting, robotic
  6. Machining - CNC turning - fixed and sliding heads, CNC cubic/centres, 5-axis machining, multi-spindle, general purpose/lathe/capstans/boring, etc, grinding/honing, wire/spark erosion/EDM, cutting, prototype parts, precision machining
  7. Plastic & Rubber - injection moulding, compression/blow/rotational moulding, vacuum forming, thermoforming, foam/composite moulding, extrusions, noise vibration control, rubber coating, gasket forming, Composite parts, foam (PU) parts, urethane machinery
  8. Metal Treatment & Finishing - Annealing/stress relieving/tempering/hardening, induction, nitriding, anodising, electroplating/phosphating, galvanising, plating, powder coating, cleaning, printing/etching, plastic coating, laser scanning and reverse engineering, degreasing, deburring
  9. Toolmaking - design, progression/transfer tools, mould tools, pattern & model making, jig/fixtures/gauges, Tooling design, prototype tooling, tooling repairs, tooling modifications, patternmaking, CNC wire erosion, production mould tooling, CMM Inspection, tool tryout, special purpose machinery, CNC spark erosion
  10. Electrical/Electronic - cable looms/harnesses/wiring, PCB/surface mounts/bare boards, connectors, transformers/power supplies, control/checking systems, control panels

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