Advanced Commercial Installations Ltd

Aci Ltd specialise in High Sensitivity Air Sampling, Fire Alarm Systems, Optical Light Curtains, Machine Fence Guarding and Sensors.

Aci Ltd can design, supply, install and commission a vast range of optical and laser detection systems.
  • Design, supply, install and commission all types of fire detection and alarm systems
  • Design, supply, install and commission all types of Aspirating systems
  • Maintenance of fire detection, alarm and Aspirating systems on your behalf or to the end user
  • Vast stock of spares for all Fire Detection and aspirating systems including old, obscure and closed protocol types
  • Commissioning of many types of system - ask us if we can help
  • Re-calibration and servicing of Xenon type air sampling detectors in the UK
  • Complex and fast track sub-contract installation of the above undertaken and managed on your behalf
  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the protection for your server room including leak detection, fire detection, alarm and extinguishing, air sampling systems. The complete package available.
  • Security doors, windows, shutters and AOV's
  • Supply and installation of infra-red safety light curtains to cat 4 standard

Advanced Commercial Installations Ltd Overview