Advanced Lifting Technology Ltd

While we can manufacture what we call a standard Lifting Beam, Scissor Grab etc., we also have the design

capacity to offer one off special designs. This is the type of equipment that is not readily available and “off the shelf”. This can be a lifting beam, runway system, or any lifting and handling solution to a problem you may have lifting, turning or handling.

Lifting Beams

We can design and manufacture Lifting Beams from a light weight 50Kgs etc. up to the limitations of your cranes capacity. These can be modular, frame or Duplex in design and fitted with ropes, chains or any other lifting accessories you may require.

Scissor Grabs

Scissor Grabs can be made to lift and handle rounds, squares and elliptical shapes. We manufacture the grabs to lift the components either in a vertical or horizontal orientation, these can be manually operated or fully automated if required.

Runway Systems

Advanced Lifting Technology design, manufacture and install runway systems. These can be of a free standing construction or fixed to ex-isting steelwork, (although the end user must ensure this is suitable for its intended duty) We can design the runways curved or to suit most obstacles and applications.

Fork Attachments

These items are manufactured to lift everything from barrels, batteries, out of fork trucks to extending the lifting length of the forks (although the fork truck manufacturer determines this length) and also man riding baskets etc. The attachments are manufactured with safety devices as required and to the relevant safety standards for man riding etc.

Swing Jib Crane Systems

We design, manufacture and install Swing Jib Cranes. These can be of a over braced, or under braced design and we also offer an articulating arm Jib design that enables you to lift around corners and tight spaces where a standard Jib crane could collide with infrastructure or equip-ment etc.

Crane Systems

We design, manufacture and install Crane Systems, these can be lightweight modular types or overhead travelling electric cranes. These can be manufactured to the safe working loads you require and be fitted with multiple hoists or auxiliary hoists. These would be tested and cer-tified and fully commissioned upon completion.

Modular Lifting Beams

We offer the design and manufacture of modular beams. These can be of tubular or section material and be of any length you require within reason. The beams can be bolted connection and be fitted with wire ropes or chains to suit your applications.

Rail Lifting Equipment

We offer the design and manufacture of rail lifting equipment, this ranges from grabs to lift a single rail to a multi rail grab arrangement. These can also be supplied with specialist beam systems to spread the load should a long length of rails be required to be lifted and handled.

Lifting Clamps

We supply a various range of lifting clamps for lifting steel plate and components in the vertical and horizontal orientation. These can be manufactured to lift materials of different thicknesses and hardness, from mild steel to stainless steel. These items are ideal for turning and moving plate

Hand Chain Blocks

Supply of hand chain block hoists for use in any environment and safe working loads. These can be made with any Height of lift and come complete with integral or push travel trolleys.

Hand Chain Blocks

Supply of hand chain block hoists for use in any environment and safe working loads. These can be made with any Height of lift and come complete with integral or push travel trolleys.


Pull lift lever hoists from 750Kgs—5 t are available, these are supplied ready to use.


For use primarily with hand chain blocks and electric chain hoists, these can be manual, geared or powered.

Wire Ropes and Slings

Supply of wire ropes. We can supply these in either long lengths for hoisting ropes on cranes with fittings either by talurit or hand spliced. The wire rope can also be made into slings fitted with soft eyes or thimble eye end fittings. Hooks, turnbuckles and other end fittings are available.

Chain Slings

We can repair and supply chain slings in Grade 80 and grade 100 chain systems. These can be manufactured in single, double and four leg configurations and 7, 10,13,16,19,20,23,26 and 32mm diameter chain and fittings. The chains can also be fitted with shortening clutches for adjustment. These will be manufactured in accordance with BSEN818 and Loler regulations.

Electric Chain Hoists

We offer different branded hoists available in any height of lift and safe working loads you require from available systems. These can be pen-dant controlled or remote controlled. The hoists can be hook suspension or come pre fitted with either push travel trolleys on the smaller models or fully powered travel for higher loads.

Air Hoists

Air hoist can be provided to the same specification as electric hoists above and can be supplied with filters and necessary additional equip-ment.

Mobile Lifting Gantries

Design and manufacture of standard and custom mobile gantry cranes. These can be manual ly moved or powered on rails. The gantries can be made to any reasonable height and widths and can be provided with castor wheels that are lockable and or jacking parking stations.

Scissor Lifting Tables

Supply of scissor lift tables that can be manually , hydraulically or electrically powered. Most everyday applications can be catered for and come complete with CE certification.

Conveyor systems

We can design and manufacture and install conveyor . Roller table systems for the production and handling of almost every items. This pro-vides a fast easy to handle solution around the workplace. These can be fitted with roller and ball turn table stations and ease of use.

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