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Advanced Perimeter Systems Limited is a UK based perimeter security systems manufacturer offering a range of PID systems  (perimeter intrusion detection) including electric fence security (energizers), intrusion detection (cable), microwave detection sensors and pc-based security system management for remote monitoring.

The company has been a niche-market provider since 1982 and enjoys an international reputation for security system design, development, supply, training and installation. Our perimeter security technology is acknowledged internationally for its effective and reliable performance by all sectors of industry (industrial, commercial and military markets). The company is registered in Scotland and accredited to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 incl "Design & Manufacture" scope.

As manufacturers of our own security systems, we are able to warrant the PID systems that we produce, unlike many security system supply companies. This is a key factor in our success to date and our customers enjoy great benefit from the experience and expertise that can only come from being a PIDS manufacturer.

We are also able to offer all our customers (installers, contractors, distributors and end-user company personnel) valuable, in-depth training courses. These divide into courses for sales personnel and technical courses for installation and maintenance staff.

A number of Government Departments have granted approval to our security products and this enables us to work with contractors and installers involved in large-scale and important infrastructure projects that require premium security systems (eg. petrochemical and nuclear plants, military bases, government buildings and prisons). 

We are often asked to undertake specialized work to design and build bespoke detection systems for national and international companies who have a particular security problem. Having our own in-house Research & Development team allows us to readily do this and also means that we can improve our existing security products as well as develop exciting ideas for new perimeter intrusion detection technology.

Please feel free to contact us and especially to talk to us if you have an enquiry for perimeter security. Many of our customers say that it is the expertise and ease with which we can usually answer their questions that gave them the initial confidence to entrust their business to us. Call for a no-obligation discussion 01786 479862

Electric Fence Security

Electro-Fence™ is our highly specialized and effective, non-lethal electric fence security product. A premium perimeter intruder detection and deterrent system, Electro-Fence™ carries British Government approval and is BS, EN and ISO standards compliant.

This electric fence technology has been installed on many perimeters at sites in the UK and around the world. Safe and secure, our electric fence technology can be attached to an existing perimeter fence or wall (at least 1.8m high) or used as a stand-alone security system and provides both a physical and psychological deterrent to would-be intruders.

Typical installations include attachment to a chainlink, palisade or weldmesh perimeter fence, a freestanding electric fence in its own right or a walltop mounted option. User operation and control of Electro-Fence™ is simple and our product readily interfaces with standard security equipment. It also has many features and enhancements not found in similar products on the current market. eg. Our product has adaptive alarm threshold, bipolar outputs and pre-alarms.

Electro-Fence™ has been installed and established with proven success in many commercial and industrial sites. For more information read our electric fence brochure or call us for a no-obligation discussion on 01786 479862.

Electric Fence Security

Perimeter Detection System

Flexiguard™ is an established perimeter detection system used by many outdoor sites in the UK and around the world. These include prisons, factories, military bases and even historic monuments.

Designed and manufactured by ourselves, Flexiguard™ consists of a sensor cable which can be installled on any outdoor site perimeter where there is an existing or new fence. The way in which it works is simple but highy effective - it detects any fence disturbance as would be generated by an intruder and generates an alarm.

We have different types of Flexiguard™ detection system including a warehouse system, closed loop system and explosives store system. For more details download our detection system brochure or call us on 01786 479862.

Perimeter Detection System

Microwave Intrusion Detection

Microguard™ is our premium microwave sensor product for intrusion detection on outdoor site perimeters.

Developed by Advanced Perimeter Systems Ltd as part of our in-house research and development program, Microguard™ has fast become one of our most popular products. Proven reliability and safety are key factors of this microwave beam technology. The principle of operation is simple - a microwave beam is generated, creating a protected 'zone' and a special receiver detects any beam frequency change, triggering an alarm (based on specific criteria being met).

Microwave detection sensors are a great option for the perimeter protection of many industrial and commercial sites. Many project specifiers and consultants are now including microwave sensor detection in any pid system they recommend. For more information download our microwave detection brochure or call us on 01786 479862.

Microwave Intrusion Detection

Perimeter Security News

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