Advanced Polymers Ltd (Adpol)


With over 30 years of experience, we are a UK-based, service focused manufacturer of moulded, stamped and extruded custom parts. We work with all grades of silicone rubber such as silicone rubber compound.

We mix silicone rubber compound suitable for moulding or extrusion and because we stock large volumes of silicone rubber compound, short lead times are available for stock items. We supply silicone rubber compound sheeted off, ready for use, with a variety of colours available.

Silicone Rubber Tubing and Cord

We stock and supply silicone rubber tubing and cord. A key element of our manufacturing programme, silicone rubber tubing and cord is supplied in a multitude of colours.

With our manufacture and supply of silicone rubber tubing and cord, we work with many different specialist materials including platinum-cured silicone rubber, fluorosilicone Neoprene rubber and Viton.

Sponge Sheets and Extrusions

Our vast custom silicone rubber solutions include the manufacture and supply of sponge sheets and extrusions. We supply sponge sheets and extrusions in low, medium or high density formulations.

A wide range of colours are available with our sponge sheets and our service includes the supply of sponge extrusions such as joined O rings or gaskets, or in cut length.

Gaskets and Seals

We also supply numerous options in gaskets and seals. We assemble a variety of silicone rubber gaskets from silicone rubber extrusions and silicone rubber cord.

We produce gaskets and seals in our on-site fabrication workshop. Silicone rubber gaskets take the form of joined O rings, horseshoe silicone rubber gaskets or mitre cut letter box silicone rubber gaskets.

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