Advanced Rework Technology (IPC Certification)

As part of our IPC certification centre, training programmes we have the following courses available for your requirements:

  • IPC-A-610 - acceptability of electronic assemblies
  • IPC-J-STD-001 - manual soldering of electrical and electronic assemblies
  • IPC-7711/7721 - repair, rework and modification of electronic assemblies
  • IPC-WHMA-620 - requirements and acceptance for cable and wire harness assemblies

As an IPC certification centre, we can offer IPC training to you at the application specialist level and certified trainer level.

We offer practical training in the form of SMD rework, BGA rework and lead free soldering.

IPC Training

Advanced Rework Technology is a fully independent training organisation which has been presenting IPC training courses since 1989. 

We are a fully accredited IPC training certification centre and can offer both instructor and operator IPC training to:

  • IPC-A-610
  • J-STD-001
  • IPC 7711/7721

Our IPC training is carried out using the latest equipment for soldering and rework of printed circuit boards. As independent consultants we can offer unbiased advice regarding specialised rework equipment.

Our IPC training is carried out in our fully equipped training centre based in Chelmsford, Essex (close to the M11 and Stansted Airport). Training can also be provided in-house and customised to meet the needs of the customer.

IPC Training

IPC 610 Training

The IPC 610 training certification and training course is designed for process engineers, quality engineers, operators and technicians. The IPC 610 course we operate is also for suitable for anyone who is responsible for electronic assemblies.

The IPC 610 course we run is now modularised. It is not necessary to have training on the entire syllabus.

The following parts are required to be studied: 

  • Module 1 Introduction/IPC Professional Policies and Procedures
  • Module 2 Foreword, Applicable Documents & Handling
IPC 610 Training

IPC 620 Training

Our IPC 620 training is perfectly designed for instructors/trainers, management personnel, quality supervisors, and engineering and manufacturing supervisors.

The IPC/WHMA-A-620 Trainer program is a comprehensive certification programme covering the accept/reject criteria for Cable/Wires and Crimping etc.

  • Polices and Procedures
  • Preparation/Soldering and Crimp Terminations
  • Molding/Potting
  • Cable Assemblies and Wire
  • Coaxial Twinaxial Cable Assemblies
  • Solderless Wrap
  • Wire Bundle Securing
  • Instructor Skills
IPC 620 Training

Benefits of ART Training

Advanced Rework Technology is the longest running IPC certification centre in UK and one of the longest running in Europe. We have trained a number of the existing European IPC training centres.

We are the only certification centre in the UK to offer the certification training for the IPC/WHMA-A-620 space addendum, approved by NASA.

Our trainers were all employed in the electronics industry and therefore have extensive knowledge of assembly processes and quality requirements. We are the only UK training centre that sits on IPC task groups (committees) for many of the IPC standards and, therefore have extensive experience of the documents and have contributed material for the documents.

We also sit on the training task groups for the IPC standards and Debbie Wade, one of our Master IPC Trainers, is the chair of the IPC/WHMA-A-620 training committee.

We are the only European training Centre that has been appointed by the IPC to present BETA training courses for newly released standards

ART trainers have won many awards from the IPC for their contribution to the IPC documents & associated training programs

Benefits of ART Training

Instructor Training

We can provide instructor training or training to candidates who are new to instructing.

Our instructor training courses are aimed at giving the candidate the practical knowledge, skills and demonstration techniques they will need.

You will take an active part in our instructor training and there are expectations for you to write and create a short presentation and practical demonstration.

Instructor Training

Solder Training

We can provide solder training that is relevant to anybody involved in the soldered electronic assemblies industry.

Our solder training involves the J-STD-001 certified trainer programme. Once the solder training programme is complete, you will be awarded the J-STD-001 trainer certificate.

These certificates are valid for 2 years after the course is completed and you will be given the right training materials to carry out the application specialist course.

Solder Training

Rework Training

Our rework training encompasses rework, modification and repairs of electronic assemblies.

The IPC 7711 rework training is a comprehensive certification programme that provides companies with a unilateral method of training their staff to the right requirements of the IPC 7711 rework training programme.

Rework Training

Train the Trainer

Our instructor training course is aimed at teaching the candidate demonstration techniques and practical training and is ideal for instructors and new instructors.

In our instructor training courses the following topics are covered:

•Instructional techniques
•Structuring and presentation techniques
•Coping with questions
•The use of correct terminology when presenting
•Visual aids, cameras etc, for demonstrating purposes
•Practical demonstrations

Train the Trainer

Hand Soldering

We have new hand soldering IPC certified course that we can provide.

IPC hand soldering for through-hole components DVD- 42/43C certification which involves practical and theoretical aims giving the candidates a further understanding of the hand soldering techniques for through-hole components.

The objectives of our hand soldering programmes are:

•Soldering Procedures
•Workmanship Standards

For more info on hand soldering for through-hole components DVD-42/43C, please contact us.

Hand Soldering

Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies Certification Training

We can offer cable and wire harness assemblies certification training which provides a comprehensive programme that is ideal for the following:

•Manufacturing supervisors
•Instructors and trainers
•Quality supervisors

On the completion of our cable and wire harness assemblies certification training, you will receive the IPC/WHMA-A-A-620 trainer certificate which is valid for 2 years.

Once the certificate is given, you will be provided with all the right training materials.  This will allow you to go further towards the application specialist training courses.

Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies Certification Training

Rework Stencil Printing

StencilQuik is our breakthrough method of simplifying the replacement and placement of your rework stencil printing.

If you are frustrated with your rework stencil printing and are doing multiple paste operations then StencilQuik will help you.

StencilQuik simplifies the rework process and will provide a more reliable connection and it features a unique stay-in place benefit.

Rework Stencil Printing

IPC 600 training

This training is a theoretical course which is suitable for any person who is responsible for Quality and reliability PCBs.

On successful completion of the closed and open exam the student will receive 600 trainer certificate which is valid for two years and all training materials to conduct Application Specialist Training. Course duration 3 days.

IPC 600 training


Two leading standards for the electronics assembly industry have been revised. IPC J-STD-001F, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies is recognized worldwide as the sole industry-consensus standard for soldering processes and materials. IPC-A-610F, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies, is a post-assembly acceptance standard used to ensure electronics assemblies meet acceptance requirements.

Some significant changes to both standards include:

• Requirements added for two new SMT terminations

- P-Style terminations

- Butt/I terminations — Solder charged terminations

• Revised Class 2 plated-through hole vertical solder fill requirements

• Revised void criteria for BGA/CSP components

• Revised class 2 flux activity criteria

• Improved language for ease of readability and understanding

• Revised soldering requirements for plastic SMT components

• Expanded conformal coating section

• New photos added for clarity

• Simplified Imperial English dimensions utilized in the documents

• Explicit to IPC J-STD-001, revised appendices including guidelines for soldering tools and equipment and objective evidence on material compatibility


IPC Release Revision G and J-STD 001 and IPC-A-610

The two most widely used standards in the industry, J-STD 001, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, and IPC-A- 610, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies, have been released to revision G to keep pace with the everchanging electronics industry.

The IPC-A- 610 remains the visual acceptance tool for post assembly products. J-STD 001 covers the materials and process requirements for manufacture. Even though they are often used as comparison documents, they do each have a unique purpose.

Training and certification materials were also released November 2017 allowing companies to swiftly transition to revision G for all CIT and CIS training requirements.

Advanced Rework Technology Ltd is longest running IPC Authorised Training Centre in the UK and one of a few in Europe who can offer ALL of the IPC training programmes, including IPC-A- 610 and J-STD 001 to both Certified IPC Trainer and Certified IPC Specialist levels.

Advanced Rework Technology (IPC Certification) Overview