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Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd has been a recognised name in the Sheffield metals and manufacturing industry for over 11 years. Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd carry a large range and have access to metals and manufacturing processes to suit every task great or small.

Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd range includes titanium grades 2, 5, nickel based alloys such as A286, 718, 625, monel 400, K500, Nimonic 80 to name but a few. Advanced Titanium Materials can also supply a range of bar, sheet, plate, tubes, rings, flanges, forgings, billets and finished products to supply your needs. We are also ISO approved.

Titanium Alloy Products-Ingot

We have immediate access to a variety of Forges, from Open Die, Closed Die, Drop Stamping or GFM Pressing all with ISO and Aerospace approvals.

This gives us absolute flexibility and control when allocating Ingot stock for further working, as we can decide which company to use for the process route that gives the best price, delivery and fit for purpose alloy product.

Titanium Alloy Technical Specifications Available

Here Are All of Our Typical Applications

The Company now operates from three sites in the UK, and prides itself that it can deliver Titanium in any grade and in any form, from ingot to customer determined finished shape, through the Company's extensive knowledge and contacts with the best producers, converters and subcontractors from all around the world.

Titanium Materials

Since its incorporation, Advanced Titanium Materials has experienced increasingly rapid growth throughout Europe and has gained a first class reputation for its prompt and efficient service, knowledge and awareness of the Titanium and Alloy market and the high level of technical assistance that we offer .We are often contacted by customers to obtain metals of an obscure name or chemical analysis.

Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd also prides itself on its determination to be the best - to deliver what you want, when you want it - and having made a promise the Company will get more upset with itself than you ever could if it lets you down.

Contact Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd by telephone or using the email link from the website to see how your Titanium supply problems can be made a distant memory.

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