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We have a range of water treatment controllers available from multi system controls to simple feed analogue units.

Our water treatment controllers have a unit to control conductivity, temperature, flow, PH, and ORP. They are also equipped with feed timers and many other features to be integrated and provide you with the best controller for your application.

We can customise water treatment controllers like the MegaTron, MicroTon and 2EZ to meet various industrial water treatment applications.

Chemical Metering Pumps

Our range of chemical metering pumps gives you microprocessor timing and guided double ball checks. Chemical metering pumps provide superb speed and metering accuracy.

Outputs vary with speeds up to 45 gallons per day and 250 psi. Chemical metering pumps are available with a selection of features and attachments ideally suited to a range of chemical metering requirements.

Tower Accessories

Our tower accessories help you finish a range of water treatment jobs and include water meters, thermal flow switches, polymer feed stands, and level and fill controls.

Tower accessories also include glycol controllers, flow controllers, ACR coupon racks and bleed valves.

Pump Accessories

Our selection of pump accessories offers a broad range of unique features ideal for a variety of applications. They include DCT containment tanks, ATS tanks and APT tank stand packages.

Our pump accessories also consist of agitators, injection accessories, mounting brackets, flo-trackers, and APCT single wall tanks.

HanTron Handheld Tester

We supply the HanTron handheld tester to give customers a device to provide accurate temperature and conductivity readings in any water sample system.

The HanTron handheld tester is shock proof, water resistant and fits easily in your pocket. It utilises innovative surface technology and contains a four-electrode conductivity sensor for even faster and more accurate readings. 

Solenoid Driven Dosing Pumps

Our range of chemical metering pumps provide a wide scope of functions and features and are suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Peristaltic Pumps

We provide a range of peristaltic pumps with fixed or variable speed operation and with single or dual channel timer options.

Conductivity Sensor

The E-4A conductivity sensor is widely used in various water and manufacturing process applications. A wide variety of mountings are available including quick release screw-in type & dip type

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