Advent Technologies Ltd

For more than 70 years as the leading supplier, SAMCO has set the International standard for die cutting presses and die cutting systems. Providing a comprehensive range of systems able to convert virtually any type of soft or semi-rigid materials with proven and unrivalled reliability and excellent value for money.

There are many thousands of SAMCO presses used every day across a wide variety of industries including:

Gaskets - Foam - Packaging - Paper
Rubber - Plastics - Automotive trim - Vacuum forming
Footwear - Abrasives - Medical - Carpet tiles
Credit cards - Insulation - Leather goods - Belts
Bags - Luggage - Hats - Toys - Woodwork - Furniture -Textiles

Virtually every material or fabric die cut process can be - and generally is being - carried out on SAMCO presses

Our range of new and reconditioned cutting presses offers outstanding productivity advantages to many industries with a wide variety of cutting areas and material feed systems.

We support not only SAMCO and BUSM machinery but also offer support for additional manufacturers such as ALLEVI, ATOM, ARES, RFS-COMEC, COX & WRIGHT, SYSCO, CHIESA, EDWARD MARSHALL, STANDARD, MOENUS, SANDT, SCHOEN, PEDERSON and MERKLE

Our Samco Range

HCM, SB-A/B/C, SB-20, SB 25 Swing Beam Press
Series 60 - 70 - 80 Twin Beam Press
Series TC-35, 75 and 115 Twin Pillar Press
Series FC-120 & 165 Four Pillar Press
Series TH-27 - 33-35-130 Travelling Head Press
Series TH-EA & RA Travelling Head Press
Series HT-90, 120 & 180 Beam Press

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