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Want to get your project moving?

Here at Adwin Spring we specialise in prototypes and in short run production to get your project moving.

We have an enviable reputation for producing accurate prototypes in both wire and flat materials to very tight deadlines.

We not only specialise in prototypes but can handle volumes especially on wire springs thanks to our investment in some of the fastest coiling machines in the world.

Flat Springs & Pressings

Here at Adwin Spring we are able to manufacture a wide variety of flat springs, pressings & electronic components from a wide range of materials.

Our customers include some of the largest names in the computer and communications industry .

Whether it is a small batch of prototypes or a large batch, we offer good lead times and expert advice on design, materials and finishes.

We have a power press capacity of 25-70 tonnes, with all our presses fitted with air feeders for accuracy and reliability.

We stock a wide range of material and can also accept your free issue material for your project.

Flat Springs & Pressings

Wire Springs

We offer a wide range of wire springs, which include compression, tension, torsion, valve and die springs as well as wire forms.

Whether it is to your sizes, sketch or drawing or you want us to design your spring for you we can make it.

From the smallest to the largest, we are able to cope with your demand.

Our customers include specialist British car companies, who use us for both their prototype and volume production. We have a variety of springs used in medical applications, and even some of our springs in space, which were used on a satellite.

With an ever increasing number of CNC camless autocoiling machines, with high speed servo drives, we are more than ever able to cope with your increased demands. With some of the fastest and most accurate machines in the world you can benefit from our investment in the latest technologies. Please click on the above link to see a selection of our machines and see them in action.

Wire Springs

CNC Machinery

Here at Adwin Spring we are dedicated to bringing in the latest in CNC machinery.

We have an ever growing collection of the most up to date machines in their respective classes.

See some of our machines by clicking the link above

CNC Machinery

Electronic Components

With the growth in new technology and demand for micro sized high precision parts Adwin Spring has been at the forefront of development on things such as PCB Screening cans, along with a large number of other electronic components.

We pride ourselves on being able to manufacture 'the impossible' and pick up on projects that other people have simply not been able to produce.

We have been involved in development projects with most of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world, as well as some of the biggest players in the electronics market. Before going to volume production they all knew where to source accurate prototype parts and people who could offer advice on their designs as well as give them a fast turn around to enable them to hit their deadlines.

 With a current trend for micro sized '3D' formed components our customised Machining Centre offers us the ability to produce tooling for even the smallest of forms. We are able to use milling cutters with less than 0.5mm diameter.


Electronic Components

Latest Technology

Having recently invested over half a million pounds within the last 5 years on machinery and infrastructure of the company we have demonstrated our wish to push Adwin Spring forward, thus giving you the benefit of increased capacity and high precision along with better leadtimes.

Investments have been made in all areas, including IT, Quality Control, Machinery, Training and working environment.

Some of the jewels in our crown are shown one our website

Micro sized Components

As part of our recent investment we have set up a 'clean area' for electronic components and high precision small parts. Included in this area were over 20 new very high precision toggle presses, which are perfect for forming micro sized components very fast and accurately. Coupled with this we purchased the latest optical measurement system which enables us to measure accurately within a couple of microns; so you can guarantee your parts will be correct.

Our latest addition see's 2 hydraulic Schmidt presses fitted with sic light guards for safe operation giving us highly accurate results.

 Micro sized Components

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