AEI Compounds Ltd

AEI Compounds - a leading global player in the development, manufacture and sale of specialized thermoplastic and crosslinkable polymer compounds.

With over 30 years experience we pride ourselves on our ability to supply a comprehensive range of products specifically developed to meet our customers’ needs.  Insulation, bedding and sheathing materials are produced for the wire and cable industries as well as products for the manufacture of hot water pipes, fittings and underfloor heating. 
New and exciting compounds are continually being developed for these markets and we are also working closely with the automotive, heat shrink, injection and blow moulding industries.

With a heavy development bias, we are agile enough to design and produce customized solutions to meet our customers’ exact requirements.  We hope the product information available on our website is of interest to you and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular needs in more detail.

AEI Compounds Ltd Overview