AEP Ltd is the only UK importer of Aignep Infinity aluminium ring main systems.

In addition to our new Infinity Push Fit Aluminium Pipework Systems, AEP offers a vast range of pneumatic control equipment, compressors and associated machinery. We have built our reputation on supplying quality products and providing excellent customer service, equalled only by our insistence on supplying the highest quality products - something which we are immensely proud of.

The compressed air pipework Infinity range, which is supplied in sizes from 20mm to 63mm, has many proven advantages over competing systems. It's fast connecting and easy to install technology ensures installation labour costs are significantly reduced. Unlike its competition Infinity has an all round durability, robust finish and corrosion resistant tubing which ensures the system will be long-lasting and against other products on the market, extremely cost effective.

The Aignep Infinity range is a true push fit system. With fully captivated seals and grab rings up to 63mm, it's smooth bore once assembled ensures large air flows at pressures up to 15bar.

Within the vast range are the unique condensate trap tee's which are designed to ensure efficient transfer of air whilst retaining any unwanted water with the system which can then be disposed of with the use of the specially designed drain valves.

Compressed air used in industrial pneumatic equipment contains 100 million polluting particles per 1m/3. These particles mixed with water and oil vapours generated through the compression process can cause early wear and tear on the equipment which can result in expensive repair costs and production interruptions. It is essential the air is treated and so to complement Infinity, a full range of air treatment and outlet solutions are also available.

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