Aerial-Pix is based in the East Midlands and is a completely innovative company. They specialise in providing low level aerial photography with their ground based telescopic mast system.

They have a variety of telescopic mast systems allowing them to provide aerial photography almost anywhere.

Aerial-Pix Assurance

Aerial-Pix offer complete assurance of quality, customer choice, flexibility and safety. They strive to produce high quality photographs that meet the requirements of the customer.

They aim to provide an efficient service that causes minimal disruption. They can carry out their aerial photography from an area no larger than a saloon car.

Aerial-Pix are a cost effective, safe and a efficient way of gaining low to medium level aerial photography.

Residential Property Photography

Aerial-Pix can provide residential property photography for a variety of applications, including:

  • Gifts with a difference
  • Private commissions
  • Landscape designs
  • property sales and letting particulars.

For further information about their residential property photography please visit their website.

Commercial Property Photography

Aerial-Pix can supply commercial property photography for the following purposes:

  • Property sales and letting particulars
  • Proximity to infrastructure.
  • Auctioneers/Valuers
  • Structural Condition surveys
  • Architecture
  • Development appraisals
  • Land development
  • Structural engineering

Please visit their website for more information about their commercial property photography.

Construction Photography

Aerial-Pix can provide construction photography for progress records, planning issues, boundary disputes and for time lapse purposes.

They are also able to produce construction photography for roofing companies, allowing them to have a clear and detailed image of a project.

Leisure and Tourism Photography

Aerial-Pix offer leisure and tourism photography for the following: tourist attractions, theme parks, stately homes, caravan and camping sites, hotels, country clubs, golf clubs and health spas.

They also provide leisure and tourism photography for: water sports clubs, motor racing circuits, car shows, touring events, stadiums and arenas, music festivals, trade shows, agricultural shows, parks and recreation grounds.

Media and Communications Photography

Aerial-Pix can provide media and communications photography for the following:

  • Radio Communications
  • Advertising agencies
  • News agencies
  • Marketing companies
  • Television production companies

For further information on their media and communication photography, please visit their website.

Educational Photography

As part of their educational photography services Aerial-Pix can produce photographs a variety of applications, including: school/college prospectus, pupil/class photographs, production/shows, field studies and for sporting achievements and competitions.

Please visit their website for more information on their educational photography options.

Advertising/Promotional Work

Aerial-Pix can provide photography for advertising/promotional work, including: postcards, calendars, flyers, events, brochures and posters.

For more information on their advertising/promotional work please visit their website.

Other Applications

Aerial-Pix can also provide photography for a variety of other applications. These other applications include:

  • Geological surveys
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Map making
  • Conservation
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Crop studies
  • Agriculture
  • Meteorology
  • Crowd control
  • Traffic/road surveys
  • Surveillance
  • Air quality surveys



For more information the photography options offered by Aerial-Pix, please do not hesitate to get in contact.

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