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Whatever customers need in terms of freight forwarding and logistics, AEROSHIP is the trusted supplier of intelligent services.

Catering to complicated supply chains calls for competent people. AEROSHIP’s staff combine high levels of education with thorough vocational experience. Coupling proficiency in business and logistics they endeavour to optimise reliability of delivery, time of delivery, and price relative to the wishes of the client.

AEROSHIP makes it a point that every regular customer’s account person is knowledgeable of that customer’s business.

In order to carry weight as a truly world-wide operator, AEROSHIP has built a partnering network of local agents pledging AEROSHIP’s high standards of precision and quality.

AEROSHIP dispatchers keep track of the agent network and update their knowledge of everything relevant to cargo traffic and customers on a daily basis.

Freight Logistics

An International Freight Forwarding organisation, AEROSHIP is part of the LEMAN Nordic Group. Established  in 1900 by Paul Lehmann in Copenhagen, Denmark and has been at the service of professional clients since that day.

LEMAN and AEROSHIP employs more than 500 staff in 22 own branches, within UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and USA.

Our own freight terminals amount to more than 65,000 sq metres, and togehter with our international partners, LEMAN & AEROSHIP operates more that 200 Import / Export routes.

AEROSHIP is a member of the BIFA, the IATA and the FIATA. The company is a private limited company governed by UK law.

AEROSHIP aims to be a preferred place of employment and encourages staff to take part in continuing education programmes.

Freight Logistics


Road haulage remains the dominant mode of goods transport in Continental Europe and the British Isles. Not many companies in the industry offer their own routes spanning, for example, the coasts of Northern Norway and those of the Black Sea. AEROSHIP, however, is able to do exactly that, in addition to more than 200 routes across the entire European realm.

At either end of long haulage routes AEROSHIP is constantly working on optimising cargo handling in terminals to ensure speedy transiting. Locally, AEROSHIP departments or partner organisations cater to clients’ logistics needs in warehouses and value-added centres.


Air Freight


Whenever short lead times are on the agenda, the most reliable service can be achieved by using AEROSHIP’s top-rate air services. Based on long-standing relationships with airlines and local agents AEROSHIP is able to offer the assurance that comes with absolute reliability at every crucial step in the supply chain.

Obviously, finished or intermediate products delayed or detained in the process of transportation pose a serious problem in the relationship between buyer and seller and swift action must be taken so as not to jeopardise that relationship. The AEROSHIP dispatcher takes into consideration how much lost time can be recuperated by switching part loads to air transportation while at the same time keeping in mind the economy of slower means of transport for lots not needed urgently. Such expert advice and execution is valued by customers, as it is on, amongst other examples, legalising invoices, authenticating certificates of origin and dealing with reimbursement of documentary credit.

Air Freight

Sea Freight


No matter where in the world business partners are situated, the supply chain must tick along in order that demands may be met according to plan. AEROSHIP has a century’s worth of experience in cooperating with ship owners and local agents and smoothing over possible problems. That, and the cost effectiveness of sea transport, is highly esteemed by customers.

Planning ahead for the long term regarding modes of transport is the key to optimal budget allocation. However, if problems arise getting things there and back quick action is needed. Otherwise, the question of liability may be raised – and even if not, doubts as to the business partner’s competence may arise in the minds of clients. To prevent such fall-out, in case shipping services are late or disrupted the dispatchers at AEROSHIP take stock of the situation and provide for a timely switch of part loads to air transportation, or road transportation when feasible.

Sea Freight

Logistics and Warehousing


Most companies want really to concentrate on their core competence, leaving other crucial activities to outside partners. Logistics is one such activity that many clients want AEROSHIP to be in charge of.

At AEROSHIP, logistics covers the whole ground including warehousing and added-value services (picking, labelling etc.) plus fairs and exhibitions services, removals and storage, and projects services. AEROSHIP takes care of the entire supply chain management with a hands-on approach.
Logistics and Warehousing

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