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Established in 1864, Aerzen are an International market leader supplying Roots blowers and Screw Compressors for pneumatic conveying and water treatment applications with extensive experience in the cement, food, powder, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Specialising in high volume (30-15,000 m3/hr), low pressure, oil-free machines where high reliability is required, units are PED rated and can be ATEX certified.

NEW! Turbo Blower Generation 5

Both positive displacement and turbo machines are used in sewage treatment processes. The experienced application specialist Aerzen Machines Ltd. now offers both technologies from one single source. Therefore, plant operators can rest assured to receive tailor-made solutions from Aerzen.

The new performance category is:
Aerzen Turbo Blowers Generation 5

Today, energy efficiency is a mega trend. The more energy is needed the more action is required, and the highest potential savings can be achieved.

The turbo blower Aerzen Turbo Generation 5 is designed for high intake volume flows from 4.000 m³/h to 13.200 m³/h. The speed-controlled and oil-free machines offer decisive advantages in terms of high performance and efficiency in waste water treatment.

NEW! Turbo Blower Generation 5

Aerzen Positive Displacement Blowers

Aerzen offer 2 and 3 lobe positive displacement machines for air and gas conveying applications. The current Generation 5 unit represents the latest incarnation of the tried and tested Delta Blower compact assembly package, with advances in noise reduction and optimised maintainability.

Package blower and compressor sets can be delivered in acoustic enclosures with intake filter, outlet silencer, drive assembly and monitoring gauges.  All items are specifiable to ensure tailored solutions regards low noise levels or paint specifications.
Aerzen Positive Displacement Blowers

Aerzen Delta Hybrid - Energy efficient blower and screw compressor solutions

Aerzen’s unique combined experience from the worlds of rotary lobe blowers and screw compressors is the foundation upon which the new groundbreaking Delta Hybrid technology has been developed – the first series of Rotary Lobe Compressors.

Delta Hybrid is a synergy of blower and compressor technology.  By combining the technical advantages of both concepts it offers completely new possibilities for generating positive pressure or vacuum in air and neutral gas applications.   A total of 7 patents or patent applications currently make the Delta Hybrid one of the most innovative products in compressor technology. While low pressure applications call for the Roots-principle of isochoric compression, the screw compressor with its internal compression ratio offers greater energy efficiency in higher pressure ranges.   The ideal union of both rotary lobe blower and screw compressor technologies resulted in the Delta Hybrid, a future-oriented innovation that reduces the energy consumption by up to 15% compared to current market leading designs.  
Aerzen Delta Hybrid - Energy efficient blower and screw compressor solutions

Aerzen Screw Compressors

Aerzen offer a range of oil-free and oil-injected screw compressors for air and gas applications.

Package sets can be delivered in acoustic enclosures with intake filter, outlet silencer, pressure relief and non-return valves, drive assembly and monitoring gauges.  All items are specifiable to ensure tailored solutions regard low noise levels or paint specifications.

Delta Screw packages utilise class leading acoustic hoods which optimise efficiency and maintainability. Warm air from the operation is carefully directed away from the intake to prevent short circuiting, thereby maximising the operating range and minimising power consumption. Filters are easily but safely accessed through small lockable removable panels. A single oil-level indicator is used on the front of the machine to allow oil readings to be taken whilst the machine is in operation therefore reducing downtime.
Aerzen Screw Compressors

Aerzen Internation Rental B.V

With the rental of Blowers and Compressor units Aerzen International Rental B.V. offers you a wide range of oil-free compressed air. The rental units guarantee the compressed air supply and help to avoid production losses. For unforeseen reviews on existing blower- and compressor units individual blower- and compressor stages can be rented.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Support of maintenance work
  • Additional conveying air in case of production peak times
  • Temporary air supply in case of special projects, and modifications
  • Additional air under unforseen application conditions and in case of review

Quality units
Now all the advantages of the best blower and compressor units world-wide, including after-sales service, are available for you at any time and anywhere. Please rent our high-quality, aircooled units and save valuable time as well as the costs for the purchase of new equipment you only need for short-term applications.

With Aerzen you only pay for the facilities and tools you really need. All the rental units are equipped with speed-controlled three-phase current motors by means of frequency converters, this guarantees a minimum system load when switching-on the machine.

All the units are installed in specially designed containers and have ventilation and excellent sound-absorbing characteristics. All rental units are ready for connection.

Aerzen Internation Rental B.V

After Sales

Aerzen's products offer the highest quality and reliability

Local after sales service:
For the UK and Ireland the after sales service department offers assistance to our customers, supported by the parent company. Our service engineers are based in Essex, Manchester, Glasgow and Dublin and can solve your specific problem either at our UK office or on site.

At your service:
Our UK and Ireland service hotline is +44 (0)208 502 8100 and is available Monday to Fridays 7.30am to 5.00pm. Outside of these hours please email

After Sales

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