Aerzen Rental Division


Formed in 2000 we are a europe-wide business offering hire services for oil free compressors and also Aerzen root blowers. We aim to prioritise our customers to maximise satisfaction and build strong relations.

Rental Machines

Offering a range of different machinery for hire/rental is one of services we offer. All our machines are reliable and come in different flows and power to cover all customers wants and requirements.

Compressor Hire Units

Our oil-free compressor hire units that we offer have a number of features including speed-controlled motors and frequency converters and are available in 5 different sizes. All of our units include after sales service no matter the time of day or the location.

Blower Stages

The numerous blower stages that we offer are famous for their excellent quality at a reasonable price. Our blower stages range from 0 up to 1 bar and come in 26 different sizes.

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Used Equipment

Aerzen proudly offer a variety of different used equipment for sale. With all of our blowers and compressors for sale we have them checked by professional technicians to ensure they are of a high quality and will be reliable for the buyer.

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