We are specialists and market leaders in sound masking for both the UK and Europe, in fact we have provided Sound Masking in projects for Cork to Istanbul.

Utilised for increasing speech privacy and ensuring minimal distraction against unwanted noise, our sound masking systems are intricately designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest of standards.

Our sound masking systems are suitable for a variety of applications including open plan offices where unwanted or overbearing noise can cause a real distraction resulting in unhappy staff and less-output of productivity. Cellular offices where speech privacy for confidential information being discussed is important. Among many other applications.

Our clients gain the benefits from Sound Masking in one office and often ask for us to install it in there other facilities, which has led to a series of installations for BP, P&G, PWC and many more. However we don't just serve the large multinational corporations, we also provide Sound Masking systems of one speaker, for a single office. With flexibility of design and acoustic engineers behind every project our system is made for your needs and offers value in the acoustic solution provided.

Speech Privacy

Achieving and maintaining speech privacy, especially in the workplace, is imperative. It should be addressed at the stage of building planning to ensure minimal future disruption. Sound Masking, best fitted at the New build or Refit stage of construction but often retrofitted is a key element in achieving speech privacy and ensuring a contrable background noise environment to increase productivity in open plan areas where noise and speech can be a distraction.

Office acoustics can be a difficult design and installation process to approach, but with our speech privacy knowledge and experience, we can ensure we provide you with the perfect solutions for maintaining pre-determined speech privacy in designated areas or work spaces. With the design aspect in mind we also have a large range of Acoustic panels which reduce reverberation time, and now we even have photo acoustic panels, where your corporate image, photos and art can be printed at high quality onto our acoustic panel. Never have acoustic panels looked so good.

Speech Privacy

White Noise System

White Noise systems, which are also known as 'sound masking, noise masking or sound conditioning"' is a particularly cost-efficient method for solving the problem of speech privacy. In addition to speech privacy and increased productivity, our sound masking systems can incorporate PA. As sound masking incorporates a much higher density of speakers than a normal PA system, the quality of a sound masking & PA system is of the highest standards.

For achieving and maintaining private conversations and minimalizing noise disturbance, we have the solutions for you.

White Noise System

Sound Sentinel

Sound Sentinel is a great device for measuring and maintaining noise disturbance levels. We have two models which are unbeatable for quality and value.

Our Sound Sentinel SS series supply an efficient and easily visible reminder of noise levels. The built-in microphones measure noise levels and set off a warning light if it increases above the acceptable and pre-determined level. If the level of noise is not reduced, the Sound Sentinel can be programmed to cut off the protected power source.

With experience and knowledge of the requirements of hearing protection, and the practical experience of designing and developing bespoke and stock Sentinel system, together we can find the acoustic solution for you.

Suitable applications include:

Industrial applications

  • - hearing protection required signalling
  • - automated barrier closure
  • - acoustic condition reporting

commercial applications

  • Village halls
  • Night clubs
  • Community centres
Sound Sentinel

Acoustic Panels

To achieve the very best acoustic absorption levels, our acoustic panels are unbeatable. These acoustic panels come with the benefit of an attractive and easy on the eye design. These incredible acoustics are made possible by compromising a fibreglass panel with a honeycomb core. They are durable and can either be sourced with a fabric finish or a bespoke texture depending on suitability.

They are used in applications such as:

  • Broadcasting studios
  • Theatres
  • Churches
  • Offices
  • Cinemas
Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Door Seals

We can provide you with top of the range acoustic door seals from the exclusive Raven range.

Suitable for timber and steel doors, our acoustic door seals come in a range of specifications to be applied to a range of required applications.

We can also provide you with acoustic door seals used for fire-rated doors and door seals for smoke protection.

Acoustic Door Seals

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