Aetna Group UK Ltd


Aetna Group is now the largest manufacturer of Pallet Wrappers in the world. Aetna Group UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Aetna Group in Italy.

We have reached that position by offering well made, durable Pallet Wrappers that do what you need them to and Pallet Stretch Wrappers at a price that you want to pay. Many Blue Chip manufacturers use our fully automatic and semi automatic pallet wrappers under our trade name Robopac.

Turntable Pallet Wrappers

Aetna has the largest range of turntable pallet wrappers to suit most applications, from semi automatic pallet wrappers through to automatic pallet wrappers. The Rotoplat 507PDS pallet wrapper is the most popular machine in the range and a favourite of many blue chip companies.

Mobile Pallet Wrappers

With over 20 years of experience with mobile pallet wrappers, Robopac have led the way on this method of Pallet wrapping. There are 2 models of pallet wrappers in this range. The Robot S6 is the most popular model and comes with or without power pre-stretch. The newly introduced mobile pallet wrapper is the Robot Worker.

Rotary Arm Pallet Wrappers

Aetna have a range of rotary arm pallet wrappers, starting with semi- automatic Rotowrap and a full range finishing with the high speed rotary arm pallet wrapper the Helix HS40/2. The rotating arm fully automatic pallet wrappers are some of the most reliable machines on the stretch wrapping machinery market

Special Pallet Wrappers

Aetna have a range of machines for special application pallet wrappers, these include stainless steel pallet wrappers, Freezer machines that will wrap in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees centigrade, door and window wrappers, conveyor beds on pallet wrappers,  pallet wrappers fitted with weigh scales to wrap and weigh at the same time, larger turntables, 1800 mm, 2200 mm, 2400 mm and higher wrap heights, 2400 mm, 2800 mm and 3100 mm

Horizontal Stretch Wrappers

Robopac have a full range of machines from the manually fed Compacta M a versatile machine for awkward profiles and bundling of items, through to the Spiror range of high speed machines. These stretch wrappers can save time and labour when wrapping the profiles of products of any lengths

Rotating Ring Pallet Wrappers

Robopac Systemi manufacture a full range of rotating ring pallet wrappers with speeds up to 150 pallets/hour

After Sales and Support

We hold stock of semi-automatic pallet wrappers in the UK, ready for immediate delivery, no long lead times. Of course, we also hold a large stock of pallet wrapper spares to reduce your down time. This ability to respond quickly and to react to change has helped us to build an excellent reputation based on quality, value, reliability, speed and stockholding. We have our own team of engineers to support our customers and offer maintenance contracts for our pallet wrappers and other manufacturers' pallet wrappers.

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