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Generators for all temporary power applications. Low Voltage and High Voltage solutions.

Gas and Diesel Generator hire.

Aggreko can offer solutions for power needs of all sizes and shapes, from temporary, single-site power, to multi-megawatt power for regional grids. We focus on delivering precisely what each client needs, when they need it.

  • Diesel generators, ranging from 15kVA canpoied sets to 2.1MVA containerised sets
  • Quiet generators for low-noise applications such as movie sets, or residential locations
  • Portable generator rentals; ideal for use in the construction and contracting Industries
  • Gas-powered containerised generator sets

Cooling Equipment

Aggreko's industry leading temperature control equipment hire fleet constantly sets the standard for efficiency and performance.


Water Cooled Chillers from 50 kW - 1500 kW with fluid off temperatures down to -40°C

Aggreko’s line of air-cooled or water-cooled chillers provide a wide range of convenient, effective water-cooling options. These units can be extended with air-handling equipment for HVAC applications.

Environmentally friendly, using non-CFC refrigerants ideal for use during R22 phase out projects

All Aggreko's chiller units are quick to install and can be run as stand alone packages powered by Aggreko generators or from existing site power.
Applications include.

* Temporary chill stores
* Process cooling
* Supplementing existing cooling during production increase
* Planned or emergency maintenance of existing plant
* Comfort cooling (Air Conditioning)
* Reactor cooling

Low Temperature Chillers (VLTC)

Also available is Aggreko's line of low-temperature process chillers. These have a modular design and can fit infinite size requirements. Available in water and air-cooled versions.

Aggreko's range of industrial chillers are part of a complete range of temperature control equipment and ancillaries to satisfy all your HVAC requirements both commercial and industrial.

Aggreko's TC range includes Fluid Pumps, Air Handlers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers and Buffer Tanks.

Cooling Equipment

Industrial Heaters

Although there are many different ways to heat air, Aggreko can offer solutions for almost any heating application.

Aggreko has a wide variety of temporary, custom-built electric and diesel fired industrial heaters available. These specialised units:

  • Are completely fume, flame and moisture-free
  • Are available with capacities from 18 kW - 350 kW with airflows to 25000 m3/hr and temperatures to 65°C
  • Can be used for HVAC applications, as well as for industrial or construction applications wherever warm air is required
  • By utilising Aggreko's range of air handlers and dehumidifiers a complete industrial heating and drying solution can be installed.

For a complete range of industrial heating and drying solutions contact Aggreko.

Industrial Heaters

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