AGM Telematics Ltd

  •  Vehicle Tracking
  • Globallive Now Mobile Assett Tracking & Management
  • One click Live & Instant
  • Optimise your operation, Boost efficiency, Reduce Costs
  • AG Enterprises (VTS) Ltd, is a UK based distributor and installer of GlobalLive Now! real time Internet based GPRS,GPS tracking and fleet management systems for all types of transport from heavy goods to vans & cars.  Each event is saved on the Globallive server for 24 hour user access.
With GPS tracking and GPRS as the medium for data transmission has enabled Global Live to produce an all inclusive package which is simple to use,  fast, always liveupdated every 60 seconds, and in most cases will show a ROI within the first few months of installation.

With straight purchase or fully flexible lease terms on offer and free demonstrations upon request, AG Enterprises offers it all at an affordable price.

AGM Telematics Ltd Overview