AGRANA Starke GmbH

Level of B2B business relationship – special strengths: GMO-free and heavy focus on organic products

AGRANA Stärke GmbH processes and refines raw materials such as corn, potato and wheat to a variety of starch products. Those are being delivered to the food and stimulant industry, the animal feed industry as well as non-food branches such as the paper, textile, cosmetics or construction material industry. Our main focus is to produce starch of the highest quality with modern and environmentally friendly methods.

AGRANA Stärke GmbH provides several industry branches with organic and GMO-free starch and special starch products and is a producer of bioethanol for use as an environmentally friendly fuel.

Our products: biological animal feed, thickening agents for the food industry, starches, animal food, thickening agents for the cosmetics industry, modified starch, pharmaceutical adjuvants, organic products, chemical products for textile auxiliaries, auxiliaries for the paper industry

AGRANA Starke GmbH Overview