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Softscreens are designed for use on most types of grading equipment (revolving and flat) ans as carry-over screens.

  • Soft Flexible Rubber - Made from wear resistant conveyor belting, which is kind to the crop.
  • Highly Accurate - Screens do not stretch therefore maintain a high level of accuracy,
  • Wear Resistant Reinforced Rubber - Lasts several times longer than conventional screens.
  • Silent Running - Reduces Noise Levels
  • Simple Hook-on Fastener - Spring steel, easy to use, clips in quickly and reduces downtime.
  • Lightweight - Ensures ease of handling

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Web Covers

AgriWeb Cover fits onto most root crop harvesting equipment, working over the second web it reduces damage caused to the crop.

  • Dry Conditions - Proven to give maximum benefit in dry conditions.
  • Easily fitted - Quick and easy to fit without removing web.
  • Soft Flexible Rubber - Made from wear resistant pre-tensioned rubber belting which is kind to the crop, preventing damage in the later stages of separation.
  • Apertures - Range of aperture shapes and sizes and suit various crops
Web Covers

PVC Perforated Belts

  • Fastener can be alligator, stainless steel, spring steel or endless
  • Remove excess water, whilst acting as a cushion for the crop
  • Perforations can be in any size, shape, smallest 7mm
  • Reduce the bruising, increase value and increase profit
  • Soft flexible black rubber or food quality blue PVC
  • Strong stuff, lasts for years, doesn't wear out
  • Screen can be any shape or length
PVC Perforated Belts

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