Agri-Web Ltd

Agri-Web is a manufacturing company based in Northern Ireland.  We manufacture rubber grading, (sizing, sorting ) screens for sizing potatoes onions and other root crops. We make rubber screens for all leading makes of grading equipment.


We also manufacturer the patented Web cover used on Potato harvesters. This is a cover which is used to fit around a steel web conveyor on a potato harvester. The aim of the cover is to prevent bruising of the potatoes while allowing soil separation.


We make PVC food quality perforated belts which are used in the baby leaf salad industry. I have attached  photos.  They are used on baby leaf salad harvester and also in washing and cleaning operations.


Can you use this information for the UK listing and the European listing. Once we see the revised listings we will know whether we want to proceed. In the meantime we would prefer not to renew.

Agri-Web Ltd Overview