Agrifence UK

At Agrifence, we are a well known and well-established brand of electric fencing. Our electric fencing is available through a wide network of dealers and stockists nationwide.  
We pride ourselves in meeting the need for reliable electric fencing systems to cope specifically with the demands of the varied UK and European uses and climates. We are committed to manufacturing electric fence systems and designs for UK and Europe. Our electric fence energisers and accessories are known for their performance, reliability and affordability.

Equestrian & Agricultural Electric Fencing

We have many unique equestrian & agricultural electric fencing products to assist in containing all breeds of domestic and wild animals. Our fencing products help with the protection of animals or crops against predators. Our equestrian & agricultural electric fencing solutions include simple strip-grazing lines and complete farm or livery yard boundary or paddock systems.

Electric Security Fencing

Our legal electric security fencing is suitable for keeping dangerous animals in zoos and wildlife parks. Our  electric security fencing is safe and is effective against human intrusion as well, and a very cost-effective way of protecting your premises. Our fence alert systems can be connected to work with security lights, alarm sirens and telephone dialling equipment to give real peace of mind.

Electric Fencing Catalogue

Our comprehensive electric fencing catalogue contains details of everything you need to set up an effective electric fence system for an assortment of requirements. We have designed our fantastic electric fencing catalogue to provide a large list of choices for the components to suit your individual requirements.

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