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  1. Environment Agency takes a stand on illegal waste
    19 April 2017

    There has been an increase in illegally dumped waste across the West Midlands on public and private land during last 12 months.

    Farmers, landowners, big and small business, and members of the public are being asked to be more vigilant after a number of incidents where large amounts of processed or baled waste has been dumped across the West Midlands.

    Over the last 12 months the Environment Agency in the West Midlands has seen an increase of illegally dumped waste on public and private land. Fly-tipping is the responsibility of the local council however the Environment Agency becomes involved when the waste is more than 20 tonnes (about 20 cubic metres); more than 5 cubic metres of fibrous asbestos or 75 litres of potentially hazardous waste in drums or containers; or if it is linked to criminal business activity or organised crime.

    What is being done to tackle waste crime

    Through the Government Spending Review 2015, nationally the Environment Agency secured an additional £23m to tackle waste crime in England, up to the end of March 2020. This is being spent across the country, targeting priority areas. £20m of this is from the landfill community’s tax fund. It has been used locally to fund additional temporary staff to further target illegal waste operators and high risk sites of concern.

    The Environment Agency are determined to make life hard for criminals and support legitimate business, proactively supporting these businesses by disrupting, and stopping, the criminal element backed up by the threat of tough enforcement action and prosecution. The new Disruption and Prevention team – part of the Environment Agency’s National Enforcement Service - is leading the way in finding new approaches to disrupt waste crime and stop it happening. Working in partnership with law enforcement agencies, HMRC, DVLA and Companies House, as well as employing a number of techniques to track and trace vehicles and waste from different sites.

    Environment Agency takes a stand on illegal waste
  2. Waste scam warning for Lincolnshire farmers and landowners
    19 April 2017

    Farmers in Lincolnshire are being warned by the Environment Agency to avoid a new scam that will leave them with large clean-up costs.

    In the last week the Environment Agency’s environmental crime team have dealt with two new incidents where farmers have been approached and asked if they want tarmac road planings that can be used to repair roads and farmyards on their land. After accepting the offer and cash they found bales of landfill waste dumped on their land instead of the expected road planings, leaving them with an environmental liability and a bill to transport and remove the waste to an authorised disposal site.

    Farm insurance policies often do not cover poor business ventures. The first farmer had 25 bales deposited on his land this week, including transport and disposal of the waste to a permitted disposal site; this could cost the farmer approximately £3,000.

    The second farmer had approximately 2,500 bales deposited on his land. The cost of disposal at a permitted disposal site could result in a bill of approximately £300,000.

    The Environment Agency is urging all landowners to be wary and not become the next victim of illegal waste disposal and dumping.

    Waste scam warning for Lincolnshire farmers and landowners
  3. Jail term for Scunthorpe waste operator
    19 April 2017

    A 45-year-old woman has been sentenced to 6 months imprisonment after storing waste illegally, putting the community and environment at risk.

    Yesterday, Nessa Anne Thompson, of Thompson Waste Recycling Ltd was sentenced at Hull Crown Court in relation to two charges relating to waste site operations in Scunthorpe. This followed as a result of the defendant pleading guilty to both offences.

    Jail term for Scunthorpe waste operator
    25 August 2016

    Rogue waste operator Stuart Allen has received a suspended prison sentence and ordered to pay £20,000 costs for running an illegal waste cooking oil storage and processing plant in the Dorset countryside.

    25 August 2016

    A Northumberland man has been fined for storing scrap vehicles without a permit.

    William Scott Armstrong, 31, of Linton Colliery in Morpeth, appeared at Berwick Magistrates’ Court on Monday, July 19.

    He pleaded guilty to one offence of operating a regulated facility without a permit, and was fined £1,160, ordered to pay costs of £3,000, and a victim surcharge of £116.

    Acting on behalf of the Environment Agency, solicitor Simon Crowder told the court Scott had been operating a small scale illegal waste site at Linton Colliery, Morpeth, without an environmental permit.

    Permit had been revoked

    A permit for the site had been revoked in October 2014, and as a consequence all waste stored on site had to be removed by January 9, 2015.

    Environment Agency officers visited the site on January 14, and saw a large pile of partially crushed scrap vehicles, covering around 1,000 square metres.

    Scott said he was storing the vehicles until the price of scrap metal recovered sufficiently for him to make a profit, and said he would bale the vehicles so they occupied less space in the compound. He was reminded the site needed to be cleared.

    During April and May 2015 further visits were made to the site. The vehicles had been baled, reducing the storage area, and further progress had been made to clear the site. The site was completely cleared by August 2015.


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