AguaChem Ltd

AguaChem Ltd, a UK based waste/effluent management company specialising in all aspects of wastewater treatment chemicals

Offering a wide range of water treatment chemicals, FOC on site trials and audits. Also optimising your wastewater treatment chemical usage & significantly reducing costs.

  1. Bacterial Products Wastewater Treatment

    Bacterial Products  Wastewater Treatment
    Aguachem ltd can dispose of your Contaminated Water legally and efficiently
  2. cals Water treatment

    cals  Water treatment
    Contaminated water disposal
  3. Chemicals Effluent Treatment

    Chemicals  Effluent Treatment
    Supplying waste water treatment chemicals
  4. Effluent Recycling

    Effluent  Recycling
    We offer a wide range of water treatment chemicals.
  5. e Management Services

    e Management  Services
    We give the highest possible service at the lowest possible price
  6. Flammable Liquid Waste Disposal

    Flammable Liquid Waste Disposal
    We are currently recycling flammable liquid waste from various industrial, commercial and construction sectors.
  7. Food Waste Disposal

    Food Waste Disposal
    Aguachem can supply tankers or curtain side wagons for carrying a multitude of wastes and packaging.
  8. Hazardous Waste Services

    Hazardous Waste Services
    Whether your waste is Flammable ,Corrosive , Toxic or Non Hazardous please contact us.
  9. Industrial Effluent

    Industrial Effluent
    Hydrochloric Acid is used as an emulsion breaker in industrial wastewater treatment
  10. Licensed Waste Carrier Drums

    Licensed Waste Carrier  Drums
    Mixed Drum Loads