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AGW Electronics Ltd. has the capacity to design and manufacture specialised products involving coil winding , and has been carrying out this type of work for more than 20 years, to suit the special requirements of the telecommunications, leisure, entertainment, measurement, defence and power industries. A further aspect of this coil winding work is our ability to replicate obsolete items for use in the service sectors of these industries.

Typically we can manufacture wave windings, self-supporting coils, high voltage windings, antenna coils and IF transformers. Our experience in using specialised materials enables us to meet our customers' requirements, with a variety of finishes and encapsulations available. Let us know your unique requirements...  contact us.


AGW Electronics Ltd. manufactures components used as common mode chokes, EMC suppression chokes, PF chokes, switch mode power supply inductors, smoothing chokes, saturable reactors and specialist inductors. Inductors and chokes can be manufactured in toroidal or E-core style using material and sizes available from major core manufacturers including: ferrite, iron powder, amorphous iron and silicon iron laminations.


AGW Electronics Ltd., has over 25 years of experience manufacturing ferrite core transformers. Working alongside customers and ferrite suppliers, the company collaborates in the design of power conversion and high frequency products.

Recent developments in ferrite material specifications have enabled designers to produce more efficient transformers. AGW has developed copper foil winding techniques to exploit the full capacity of these materials. AGW produces line, power, pulse and drive transformers, used in many applications including switch mode power supplies, inverter and motor drive controllers. These transformers can be manufactured in a variety of finishes and encapsulations, and from various core types, including E, ETD, EF, RM, P and planar cores. Surface mount variants, and other core types for specialised applications are also available.

PCB - Design and Manufacture

Using modern methods and practices, supported by a suite of CAD software, AGW takes designs from original specifications to finished product. We design circuits from simple passive displays through to Microcontroller based logic, with our in-house capability to generate code, and programme small to medium batches. Fast prototyping of PCBs and mechanical parts is readily achieved through EDI, using industry standard formats such as GERBER, DWG and DXF. We also have the resources to manufacture production aids for use in manufacture and testing.

AGW assembles using a variety of PCB styles - conventional, plated through, SMD and mixed technology. Automated techniques such as flow (wave) soldering and infrared reflow are used to maintain high standards. We also support light electrical and mechanical assembly, giving us the capability of complete product manufacture. To many of our customers we provide the complete solution.

Transformers - Laminated

Laminated transformers can be manufactured to customer requirements from standard and specialised parts. Mains power transformers are produced in the range 1 VA to 3k VA single phase, and up to 25k VA 3 phase.

AGW also manufactures specialist transformers using nickel based or other alloy laminations. Typical applications include line matching, microphones, loudspeaker output, and military and aerospace equipment. Depending on the application, PCB or chassis mounting options are available. Speak to us about your requirements... contact us.

Planar Transformers & Planar Inductors

Planar transformers and planar inductors have certain advantages over conventional winding systems. These advantages are mainly in size and efficiency, with a typical efficiency of 98% being achieved, while their low profile makes them especially suitable for high density equipment designs. Other benefits of planar construction are very low leakage inductance, and minimum Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).

AGW has developed enhanced ways to produce chokes and planar transformers. Using a system of sealing the copper plates inside a plastic envelope, insulation integrity is ensured. Another system using a winding technique similar to that used in conventional chokes and transformers, provides a cost-effective alternative. They are available in power ranges from a few Watts to several Kilowatts, and their terminations and mountings can be tailored to customer requirements. Contact us for more information... contact us

Toroidal Transformers & Toroidal Inductors

AGW Electronics Ltd. manufactures toroidal windings, both toroidal transformers and toroidal inductors . Toroidal transformers can be manufactured in the range of 1 VA to 1k VA to suit customers' input, output and dimension requirements. AGW can assist with the design and manufacture of suppression chokes, common mode chokes, SMPS inductors etc., from ferrite, iron powder or amorphous iron material, supplied by major core manufacturers.

AGW has extensive manufacturing capabilities available to meet most requirements, ranging from CNC toroidal winding machines to assisted pull winding, with finishing operations which include mounting, potting and vacuum impregnation.

Copper Strip Winding

Copper strip winding is one of AGW's key areas of expertise. Advances in ferrite material technology have led to higher frequency and higher current power supply transformers and chokes. The struggle to place enough copper into the winding window and alleviate the skin effect problem, means that winding with wide flat copper strip has become more prevalent.

AGW has vast experience in this field and has successfully overcome the problems associated with insulation, copper fill and connections. A range of machines has been specifically developed by AGW to fulfil the requirements of copper strip winding, giving maximum copper fill and allowing each bobbin size to use its full power range.


AGW's quality management system is approved to BS EN ISO 9001:2008. This management system is designed to continually improve performance while addressing the needs of all interested parties. This approach enables AGW to analyse customer requirements, define the processes that will achieve a product that is acceptable to the customer, and control these processes, to provide products that consistently fulfil the customer's requirements.

AGW has held UL approval since 1998 - enabling our wound components to comply with the thermal insulation systems, European (EN60950) and American (UL60950) standards Class B, Class F and Class H. The approval of a customer's product to UL requirements can be substantially aided by AGW supplying components that have been manufactured within AGW's temperature classification systems and marked with AGW's unique UL recognised number.

RoHS Compliant: It is our intention to use tin/copper/silver on our Pb free manufacture. It would be appreciated therefore if our customers could instruct us into their Pb free intentions, for instance any use of bismuth in their manufacture would have an effect on our plans etc.

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