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Engineering Plastic

AI International is the number one choice for engineering plastics, industrial laminates and composites, to the engineering, manufacturing and service industries. In addition to supplying stock shapes, we can also offer cut-to-size on many products, planing and billeting services, as well as fabricating and machining services- making us the preferred plastic suppliers of many materials users.


Cestilene and Tivar are trade names used by Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products for its extensive range of virgin, partially reprocessed, coloured, and filled High Density Polyethylene stock shapes, manufactured by compression moulding or extrusion.


These are polyacetal (POM) grades. Copolymer grades (POM-C) tend to be more resistant against hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermal-oxidative degredation than the homopolymer grades. The homopolymer grades (POM-H, also refered to as Delrin) have a higher mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and creep resistance as well as a lower thermal expansion rate and often it also presents a better wear resistance.


Industrial plastic laminate is made by applying heat and pressure to layers of paper, canvas, linen or glass cloth impregnated with synthetic thermosetting resins. These materials are called ‘Thermosets’. A variety of resin types and cloth materials can be used to manufacture thermoset laminates with a range of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties.


AI International is able to offer and advise on a range of anti-static materials that offer both anti-static and static dissipative properties. The control of static electrical charges is becoming increasingly important as faster production processes generate more static.

Acrylic Plastic

Acrylic (PMMA) is an amorphous thermoplastic which is optically transparent, unaffected by moisture, and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio. Common tradenames that Acrylic is also known by are Plexiglas and Perspex.

We supply Acrylic Plastic in various brands, and in addition to unbranded sheets can supply Perspex and Plexiglas.

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