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The Aid Call Touchsafe® Wireless Nurse Call System is a radio based system for visually and audibly alerting nursing staff to calls from patients or other members of staff. Because it is radio based, it is infinitely expandable depending on your requirements at any given time.

Almost none of the considerations and constraints inherent in a conventional hard wired nurse call system apply because there is virtually no wiring, plus installation causes minimal disruption to your premises and therefore to your staff and patients.

Your system can be as small or as large as you want, as each nurse call system is configured to suit individual requirements - your Aid Call sales consultant will be able to advise you on the best set up for you.

At the heart of the Aid Call nurse call system is the control panel for displaying call information - our NEW CP5000 Control Panel or the CP3400.

The ATX4000/5000 Nurse Call Points or a variety of other fixed or portable devices are then added to the system.

Aid Call

Aid Call has been at the forefront of wireless nurse call technology for over 30 years. Our first class knowledge, innovative approach and reputation for delivering reliable, safety critical solutions has clearly positioned us as the leading supplier of wireless nurse call solutions.

The Aid Call Touchsafe® range is the only wireless nurse call system that combines various safety critical features and leading edge technologies. This continuous commitment has seen us lead the way in the use of the most advanced two way, Class 1 safety critical radio technologies. All touchable elements of the system are embedded with anti-microbial additives to help combat the spread of infection.

Over the years Aid Call has acquired a track record for consistent innovation, we take a user centric approach to design, listening to the people who matter to ensure that our systems meet and exceed the constantly changing needs of our clients; NHS Trusts, private hospitals and Local Authorities.

All of our products are designed by a dedicated in house research and development team; they are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards at our head office in Blyth, Northumberland.

Aid Call is committed to promoting sustainability. Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to our professional activities and business management.

Aid Call products are available through the Buying Solutions framework agreement, the national procurement partner for all UK public services; helping public sector organisations maximise efficiency and value for money in their procurement activities.

We firmly believe that through our innovative approach, high quality and service standards, and continuous investment in research and development, it allows you to remain focussed on your customers, sure in the knowledge that Aid Call will provide you with the best wireless Nurse Call solution for your needs.

Aid Call offer:

  • Safe, reliable, professional Nurse Call solutions at any exceptional price
  • Powerful Telecare and remote health management and healthcare solutions
  • Individually tailored solutions to meet your needs and budget
  • Excellent customer service - from onsite demonstration to complete aftercare
  • Over 30 years experience in the industry
  • Continuous innovation and investment in research and development
  • Leading edge technology to improve system effectiveness
  • National coverage
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support line for all customers
  • Tailored maintenance contracts
  • In-house engineers available throughout the UK

Nurse Call

The Aid Call Touchsafe® Wireless Nurse Call provides the following patient safety key benefits:

  • Meets the strict safety standards of Class 1 compliance
  • Is anti-microbially protected as standard
  • Uses a secure dedicated Pan European 869 Mhz alarm frequency in conjunction with Listen Before Talk anti-collision technology
  • Ensures its alarm signal is received
  • Lets staff pick up next call from any call point

Uncompromising Safety and Security
The Aid Call Touchsafe® two-way Nurse Call is a professional wireless system, compliant with the EN 300 220 Class1 requirements, designed to provide maximum safety and is the only system to use the dedicated 869MHz alarm frequency.

The new ATX4000 and ATX5000 Nurse Call bedhead devices use unique two-way radio technology to ensure that all calls transmitted are successfully received by the central display panels. An acknowledgment that the call has been received is given at the bedside providing true reassurance to the caller.

The ATX5000 features a LCD screen, which displays a ‘Next Call Waiting’ message, enabling staff to access their next call from the current client’s room, without needing to revisit the main display panel. This enables staff to use their time more effectively and efficiently, improving staff response times, reducing unnecessary journeys and allowing staff to spend longer with clients.

Nurse Call

Nurse Call Maintenance

Look after your patients and your pennies with our maintenance package.

Your nurse call system provides vital assistance at times of need. It is therefore imperative that your system is maintained to the highest standard.

For continued peace of mind, Aid Call offers a full maintenance package and employs a nationwide team of trained service engineers, specialising in wireless nurse call systems.

Benefits of the package are:

  • Reduced call outs
  • Programmed servicing and reduced running costs
  • Extended life expectancy of the system
  • No maintenance of system by user (All Call Point batteries changed annually)
  • Manufacturer trained engineers 
Nurse Call Maintenance

Nurse Call Leasing

Now is a better time than ever to lease rather than buy. With reasonable rates, favourable tax allowances and our great leasing packages there’s never been a better time to lease your Nurse Call system.

Help Cash flow
Keep valuable capital resources or invest in other areas of your business.

Pay Less Tax
An Aid Call Finance option gives you the benefit of tax deductable payments, with no need to recognise the full liability on the balance sheet.

Create Revenue
Use your capital to grow, create revenue and let the savings from the equipment service the lease

Call one of our consultants on 0800 052 3616 or visit Aid Call

Nurse Call Leasing

Nurse Identification Feature

Aid Call has also introduced a new Nurse Identification feature, which provides a permanent record of the nurse in attendance. This facility allows you to track and monitor individual staff activity ie which member of staff is answering which call and when. This helps to provide greater clarity and accountability in care home management.  When combined with the Aid Call’s 'Call Logging system,' care managers are able to analyse response and attendance times at client and nurse level.

Secure Nurse Call

Our Touchsafe® Wireless Nurse Call offers greater flexibility for users. It is a secure, professional system using the dedicated Pan European 869Mhz alarm frequency in conjunction with Listen Before Talk anti collision technology to ensure patient safety and meets the latest Class 1 safety critical standards.

With its unique two-way system, the call point transmits until it receives acceptance of the call from the display panel, ensuring that all calls are received securely. 

Infection Control

All elements of our new Touchsafe® range, which need to be touched or handled, are embedded with powerful anti-microbial additives to help combat the spread of infection.

This provides lifelong protection, that won’t wear away, against the spread of infection. 

Flexible Nurse Call

Wireless radio systems give all the functionality of a hardwired system but with the added benefit of complete flexibility. The alarm system goes wherever the client is; the client does not have to be tied to the one bed location. The ‘wire free’ nature of the system allows the call points to be located and then re-located in any required location, without the need of an engineering call out.

Display Panel CP5000

Efficiency and speed of response are essential in a care environment so the CP5000 with its 15” TFT screen provides information at a glance in a large clear format including: text addresses for call types, locations, resident/patient names, nurse or carer ID, active call list and alarm location with optional floor plan/map. The status of calls is displayed and additional information can be viewed if required. For example, brief patient medical notes can be called up.

Five distinct alarm tones are used for call, assist, emergency, reminder and maintenance to make the system user-friendly and simple to operate. ‘Reminder’ calls can be programmed by staff to automatically activate at preset intervals for use in the monitoring of nightly checks or to assist with timed medication.

Multiple zones can be programmed and named for each panel. The unit has an integral call logger. There is a power-fail indicator and an internal battery provides around 4 hours back up power. Interfaces are provided for paging, DECT Phones, additional Base Receivers, Mimic panels and Audio Visual Indicators (over door lights).

Nurse Call Point ATX4000/5000

Our new range of Nurse Call Transmitters are set to revolutionise the Radio Nurse Call market. We have taken all the great design features, functionality, flexibility and durability and moved the product to the next level.

The new ATX4000 and ATX5000s use an innovative, secure ‘two way radio’ solution that provides an acknowledgement that patients’ calls have been received. Confirmation is provided by a reassurance LED on the display panel and sounder on the ATX4000, plus a status message on the ATX5000’s LCD display screen. ATX5000 also displays a ‘Next Call Waiting’ message helping to improve staff response time and reducing unnecessary journeys.

It has a built in infra red receiver allowing remote activation from the Buddy staff attack location alarm. Ergonomically designed, its neutral colour is non intrusive in any location with the bright colours of the response buttons making them easy to locate.

There are three locking sockets for Pear Push leads, auxiliary monitoring devices and accessory trigger devices. A Tamper alert is transmitted if any device is unplugged. The ATX is provided with an easy-lock wall bracket which can have an optional ‘cradle’ for placing the Pear Push lead. The products are future proofed and support firmware upgrade via serial interface.

Surface mounted buttons which are locked in to the case allow for easy cleaning as well as all case components including buttons benefiting from the embedded Antimicrobial additives which help combat cross contamination of many infections such as MRSA. The Antimicrobial additives are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.

The Aid Call system meets the stringent safety critical requirements of the Class 1 safety standard and provides an exceptionally secure platform with a low total cost of ownership.

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