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AIM Composites Ltd is one of the leading composite companies in Europe, working with the latest in materials and technologies for a wide range of customers in Aerospace and related industries.

The company was founded in 1984 and is part of the AIM Aviation.

AIM Composites Ltd uses the most advanced materials, to create innovative solutions to unique specifications, matching the needs of our customers to the latest regulatory requirements. We supply advanced lightweight panels to all major aircraft manufacturers / airlines and also to the mass transit industry including rail, marine and road transport.

Lightweight Composite Components

AIM Composites Ltd is a major supplier to the Aerospace industry, including parts for commercial and military aircraft. Our lightweight composite components include:

  • Flaptrack Fairings
  • Tail Cones
  • Undercarriage Doors
  • Ram Air Ducts
  • Finlets
  • Wing Trim Tabs
  • Access Panels
  • Radomes
  • Antennae
  • Ceiling and Sidewall Panels
  • Overhead Bins and Stowages
  • Floor Panels
  • Class Dividers
  • Door Jambs & Liners
  • Glare Shields
  • Ducts
  • Bulkheads and Partitions
  • Premium Seat Mouldings
Lightweight Composite Components

Composite Assemblies and Panels

AIM Composites Ltd has been involved with a number of defence projects including Typhoon, Nimrod, Rapier, C17 and EH101 Helicopter. 

  • Radar Panels
  • Missile Containers
  • Avionic Racking
  • Refuelling Probe Fairings
  • Lightweight Transportation Boxes
  • Composite Doors and Covers
  • Radomes
  • Rotor Blade Boxes
Composite Assemblies and Panels

Bus & Rail Composites

AIM Composites Ltd manufacture a wide range of products for rail vehicles and the mass transit market. Trains and Buses utilise the composite components listed below:

  • Internal and External Doors
  • Floors
  • Tables
  • Draught Screens
  • Interior and Exterior Panels
  • Toilet Modules
  • Access Ramps
  • Ceiling and Sidewall Panels
  • Roof Panels
  • Interdeck Floors
  • Catering Units
Bus & Rail Composites

Lightweight Floor Panels

AIM Composites Ltd manufacture a wide range of products for marine applications particularly the fast ferry and super yacht
markets, where weight saving is important to the vessel performance. 

Lightweight Floor Panels

Aircraft Composite Repairs

AIM Composites Ltd is capable of carrying out a range of REPAIRS, MODIFICATIONS and complete overhauls under the terms of our EASA145/FAR145 approvals.

Our capability list includes both INTERIOR and EXTERIOR components, flight control surfaces and structural composite parts.

A full capability listing for aircraft types and components is available on request.

AIM Composites Ltd repairs components in-house at our facility or can offer an on-wing AOG service using our highly skilled technicians who are fully equipped with portable hot bonding equipment.  

For further information on COMPOSITE REPAIRS please contact Ian McCartney, email:

Aircraft Composite Repairs

Radome Test / Repair

AIM Composites Ltd radome and test facility is the most advanced in Europe using the latest state of the art computer controlled indoor anechoic chamber offering testing to RTCA/DO-13 and OEM requirements.
Range of Services

  • No obligation test and repair evaluation
  • Complete service from minor repairs to major transplants
  • Capability on all types and sizes of aircraft radome
  • Radomes inspected, tested and quoted within 24 hours
  • Transmission test service while-you-wait or sameday
  • Exchange and rental units available
  • AOG Service
  • Fully Certified EASA / FAA release
AIM Composites Ltd are working in collaboration with Saint Gobain Performance Plastics.
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Radome Test / Repair

Flitelam Sandwich Panels

AIM Composites Ltd manufacture the Flitelam range of sandwich panels utilising a variety of skin and core materials.
Flitelam UNS - Structural sandwich panels comprising uni-directional epoxy glass skins on Nomex honeycomb core.
Applications - Aircraft flooring, cargo bay flooring, structural furnishings.

Flitelam GN - Sandwich panels comprising woven glass skins on Nomex honeycomb core. Applications - Aircraft galleys, toilets, bulkheads and interior furnishings.
  Flitelam GM - Lightweight sandwich panel comprising woven glass skins on aluminium honeycomb core. Applications - Tooling, decking, sidewalls, display panels, flight simulators, marine and rail interiors.
Flitelam Sandwich Panels

Fire and Mechanical Testing

Fire and Mechanical Testing

AIM Composites Ltd. has a fully equipped test facility, which is UKAS
accredited (Approval No. 2795) for the following test services –

Fire Testing

Heat Release rate (OSU)
Smoke Emission (NBS)

All to current FAA and EASA airworthiness standards and to Airbus, Boeing and other airframe manufacturer’s design requirements.

Mechanical and Physical Testing

Coupon testing for flexural, shear, peel, tension and compression properties for composite and adhesive bonded metallic materials, all to national standards (EN, ISO, BS, ASTM).

Dynamic mechanical testing (DMA) for determination of glass transition temperatures (Tg) of composite materials
Physical properties of prepreg materials including weight, resin and fibre contents, resin flow, volatile content.
Non – Destructive Testing (NDT)

AIM Composites Ltd. has ultrasonic C scan and A scan capability and holds EASA Part 145, D1 and Airbus UK approvals. Personnel are approved to BS EN 4179 Level II for aerospace ultrasonics.

All testing offered at competitive rates and quick turnaround times.

Fire and Mechanical Testing

Chameleon Decorative Finishes

The Chameleon Decorative Finish is a water transfer process used in aviation and commercial applications.
The process applies a vast range of decorative finishes to interior components, giving unique and distinctive options to airlines and operators.

Parts can be complex in shape and the pattern applied to all surfaces using the Chameleon water and ink based transfer printing system.

Substrates can be painted in a variety of base colours and a hardened lacquer with gloss or satin finish is applied for increased durability and longevity.

The process has many advantages including: large weight savings, versatility of application and ability to pass flammability, smoke and toxicity testing.

With this process, we can turn plastic into maple, glass into mahogany. With over 500 finishes – including marble, carbon fibre and brushed aluminium – there is no limit to Chameleon’s creative potential.

The full range of finishes can be viewed at:

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Chameleon Decorative Finishes

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