AIM To Recycle

The expertise of Aim to Recycle encompasses the widest range of materials. This means that organisations can benefit from the efficiencies of dealing with a single provider to handle all their recycling needs.

Aim to Recycle can help you recycle:
  • Paper and Card - from newspaper to cardboard cartons
  • Plastics - all types including shrink wrap, bubble wrap,expanded polystyrene, plastic bottles and manufacturing off cuts.
  • Wood - such as pallets, crates, cable drums, waste wood from construction sites.
  • Metals - including aluminium cans, steel and general scrap waste.

Paper for recycling can come in many forms, these are just some of them :

Office paper, Boxes from delivered goods, Card inserts etc, Rolls and roll ends, Waste from printing, Waste from producing cartons, Security shredding.

All of the above can be recycled on our site. We will sort, grade and bale for delivery to the appropriate mills. All can be either delivered or collected, dependant upon the volume you produce


Waste wood is collected or delivered to our site and reprocessed in a chipping plant. The main user of wood chip is the particle bound board industry. Approximately 375,000 tonnes of recycled wood is used in this way, with almost 50% being packaging wood. However, this quantity is expected to double over the next few years.

Wood Packaging - Crates, pallets, barrels, reels, coil and cable drums.

Other Wood Used - Off cuts, fencing, flooring, demolition timbers, construction sites, old sheds, wood from transfer stations or landfill sites.

Material enters as a waste and leaves as a commodity (wood chip products).


Metals for recycling vary from one site to another. Metals fall into two basic groups, ferrous and non-ferrous.

Ferrous metals - most ferrous metals will attract a magnet, these include general scrap metals such as tin cans, filing cabinets, metal frames from desks, cuttings, turnings, shelving, drums etc.

Non-ferrous metals - these metals will generally not attract a magnet and include copper, lead, brass, aluminium, cables etc.

All of the above can be recycled and we offer many ways of delivery or collection to satisfy customer's needs.


Plastics are collected or delivered to site for reprocessing or export according to quality and standard of material. Plastics come in two main categories film and rigid. Both have established recycling routes and good re-use values.

Films - Films come mainly from packaging, shrink-wrap, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, sleeves for protection etc. Materials must be segregated and baled for the most effective recycling.

Rigid - Bottles, crates, coat hangers, cartons, video covers,cassette cases, CD cases. It is vital that the materials are segregated as most polymers cannot be mixed.

First Class Collection Service:

Aim to Recycle's expertise combined with a "customer comes first" approach has continually helped customers manage their recycling operations with ease by :
  • Arranging collections for clients
  • Supplying skips
  • Designing the most effective waste minimisation solutions
  • Supplying baling and waste handling equipment

AIM To Recycle Overview