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At Air Control Industries (ACI), we supply a comprehensive range of fans and blowers. Our website contains full technical and product information for the full range of its air movement products such as industrial airknife systems, fans and blowers.

Air Movement Solutions

As a world class in air movement product manufacturer, we are experts in air movement solutions.

We specialise in producing components to significantly optimise our customer’s operational performances. Our unique air movement systems enable us to develop various cost-effective air movement solutions are designed to fulfil your requirements perfectly.

Air Movement Solutions

Centrifugal Fans

At ACI, we provide many variations of centrifugal fans coming in small and medium ranges and in curved forward and backward bladed units for many industrial applications.

Our centrifugal fans are available in single and three phase, DC, 400Hz and ATEX approved versions and our range also includes the following:

  • Slimline Fans
  • EP10A Compact Blowers
  • QB EC Fans
  • Multistage Fans
Centrifugal Fans

Radial and Axial Fans

Designed for industrial applications such as pneumatic conveying for example, we have an excellent range of low to high pressure radial and axial fans. They can come with a group of accessories such as flow control valves, acoustic enclosures and flexible connectors.

The following products are also included in the radial and axial fans range:

  • EV low to high pressure fans
  • EV Axial and others
  • JetFan
  • PMA8
Radial and Axial Fans


ATEX 94/9/EC, BS EN 14986:2007 is the requirement on various protective systems intended for the utilisation in potentially explosive environments.

We offer a wide selection of ATEX fans and blower units and have been recognised as being one of the leading ATEX fan manufacturers in Europe with a wealth of experience in the process.


Airknife Systems

A prime example of one of our air movement solutions would include our airknife systems. They are designed specially to enhance production whilst reducing running costs. Airknife systems are manufactured to perform the removal of surface liquids and moisture.

They come with the following benefits:

  • Easy  installation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cost effective
  • Quieter than compressed air systems due to lower pressure operation
  • Cleaner- the air from the blower is both dry and oil free
  • No expensive additional filtration is required
  • Safer- ACI centrifugal blowers operate on the principle of high velocity, low pressure air presents no danger to operators
Airknife Systems

Bottle and Can Drying Solutions

AT ACI, we have developed a wide span of bottle and can drying solutions specifically developed for the food and beverage industries.

We boast a DRI-Line Series satisfying many bottle and can drying solutions no matter how fast the production rates. Designed to minimise running costs and lower maintenance issues this range can be fully listed on our website.

Bottle and Can Drying Solutions

Cable and Wire Dryer

Our new ‘LINE-Dry' System provides the ultimate solution to cable and wire dryer problems when before it was a high maintenance and tricky process. Compared to other compressed air systems and blower driven devices this excellent cable and wire dryer solution reduces running costs and energy consumption sufficiently.

Features include:

  • Two drying head options are available
  • Multi-stage unit (Standard 2.3kW, 240V, 3Ph unit. 110V supply available) controlled via a speed controller
  • Unit  is mounted on legs and enclosed in an ABS plastic enclosure which prevents moisture ingress
  • Free on-site trials to potential customers in the UK can be arranged
Cable and Wire Dryer

JetBlack Cleaning

JetBlack cleaning  is our safe and effective cleaning tool designed for operations in factory environments. It has a main beneficial feature of being a very safe cleaning solution using a high volume and low pressure air consistency.

Other advantages of our JetBlack cleaning application includes:

  • OSHA compliant
  • Lower noise levels - typically lower than compressed air nozzle units
  • Effective and efficient - blower-powered air costs less than 10% of the equivalent compressed air generation
  • Options- include static neutralisation packs and full cleaning/dust extraction booths
  • Customer site visits/demos are available - in the UK.  
JetBlack Cleaning


We are proud to be an established distributor for a comprehensive range of ebm-papst products that are included in our ‘special application’ category. Ebm-papst is recognised as a world leader in EC fan and motor product manufacturing.

 We can supply their full range covering the following products:

  • Compact Fans
  • Axial Fans
  • Centrifugal Fans
  • Mixed Flow Fans
  • Cross Flow Fans
  • Hot Air and Gas Fans
  • Mancoolers
  • Accessories

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