Air Cool Refrigeration Ltd

Air Cool specialises in the installation and servicing of Ice machines, cellar coolers, bottle coolers, cold storage rooms and service cabinets.  We now have a sales department which has a wealth of experience and knowledge within the commercial refrigeration market.

Air Cool has since expanded into the rapidly growing air conditioning market, providing high quality installation of Daikin Air Conditioners, one of the world’s leading brands.

Air Cool will also undertake the installation and service of any brand, potential clients may prefer or already have installed.

At Air Cool we believe in offering a service second to none.
We listen to the customer’s requirements, give impartial advice and maybe even a different route but ultimately provide a solution at a cost effective price.

This is our policy, whether for sales, installations or service.


When looking to repair or replace your refrigeration equipment, Air Cool has the expertise and ability to provide a first class solution.

As the customer you have choices;
Whether it’s a premier brand you’re looking for or your budget is your main priority, Air Cool can offer equipment from numerous manufacturers to suite your requirements.

Our vast range can be categorised:

Cold Storage Rooms for meat, chilled or frozen produce.

Cellar Cooling equipment.

Free standing service cabinets, with enamel, aluminium or stainless steel casings. Different temperature ranges for; drinks, dairy, fresh meat, fish,
frozen produce, ice cream and general produce.

Specialized Cabinets:
Pizza make-up tables, salad prep cabinets, blast chillers and freezers, laboratory specification refrigerators, mortuary chambers.

Display cabinets: 
Multi-decks, low level serve-over, glass fronted cabinets, slime line displays, patisserie cabinets, ice cream conservators, beer & wine coolers.

As your requirements change, so can our solutions. Just one call is all it takes.

We’re here to keep your meat, fish, fruit, beer, cakes and wine as well as Air Cool!

Air Conditioning

  Have you been on summer holiday, staying in a hot and sticky room with a rattling through-the-window air conditioner that keeps you awake at night?

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Latest technology means lower noise, lower energy input and greater energy output. Altogether far more efficient than the old ‘window rattlers’ of old.

The majority of air conditioning systems are now available as Heat Pumps. This means they can provide heating as well as cooling.

Ask yourself; Why install a conventional ‘wet’ heating system AND a cooling only air con system? Here’s the answer; Twice the cost in capital expenditure, labour and energy usage.

In the age of energy efficiency and global warming awareness, Air Cool can
provide a system for all your needs that meets latest legislation to reduce your Carbon Footprint.

The majority of companies installing new energy efficient Heat Pump systems will qualify for a tax rebate. More details at

Air Cool specifies Daikin Air Conditioning products. They are world leaders in the markets for innovation and technological advances. Their Heat Pumps are listed on the Enhanced Capital Allowance web site.

Your preference may be for an alternative manufacturer.
At Air Cool we fully understand our clients have their own minds, so please don’t be afraid to ask!


More than just frozen water!

Imagine a Gin & Tonic WITHOUT ICE and a slice! It’s like turkey without stuffing.

A hot summer’s day, glass of Coke WITHOUT ICE! It’s like fish n’ chips without salt & vinegar.

What style of ice do you need?

Whether you need it for soft drinks, cocktails, the latest cider, alco-pops or displaying fish or even for laboratory use Air Cool can supply the machine to suit your requirements.

Large crystal clear cubes, smaller cubes, large dice, small dice, round cups, shaved, flaked or crushed. Definitely NOT just frozen water!

No matter how much you use or need to store, Air Cool have some ‘ice’ ideas!


If you need sockets, then we can recommend a NEC EIC register company.

However, if you’re experiencing problems with fuses blowing on your air conditioning, heat pump or refrigeration equipment then look no further. You regular electrician will tell you to get specialist help and charge you for it! We’ll diagnose, advise and often repair for the same cost!

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